I Love....shoes

Now that fall is approaching us fast (the first weekend of august usually marks the end of summer in the minds of Icelanders), I have begun to dream about the perfect shoes to get me through the winter. Now the perfect shoes would preferably be sturdy enough for the icelandic winter weather, yet pretty enough to wear to the bar or to go out dancing (me in stilettos + icy streets = NOT a good combination) in the winter months.
Here are a couple of  lovely shoes  I´m lusting after for this winter, that fit my winter shoe needs.

Vagabond beauties, would definitely brighten up a dull  winter

I like boots that are a bit tough, like the Vagabond and the Dr. Martens above. Oh how I must own a pair of Dr. Martens.

I would consider selling my soul for these Alexander Wang boots, basically any Alexander Wang boots!
I seriously considered spending my life savings on these below :

I really think I might need another job....
lots of love 

- A

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  1. Ó vá! Þessir frá Alexander Wang eru himneskir :-)


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