Cool girl alert ! : Florence Welch

One of the celebrities  I admire the most is Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine.
She is one of my favourite artists and my style inspiration. She has such  amazing style. Every single time I come across a picture of  her it just takes my breath away and  I wish I wish I had her amazing clothes. And the stage costumes! Oh the stage costumes!
 She is just the ultimate cool girl. I will let the pics speak for themselves

love love love the feathers 

here she is wearing a gorgeous Gucci stage costume 

P.S. I remember when I was younger  I  wanted so badly to be a redhead,  I thought it was much cooler than plain  blonde or brunette :) I still love red hair! So pretty !


Pictures are from :  Stylebistro  Style bungalow   lestylejournal  and style.mtv.com among others found through  google picture search.
No copyright infringement intended


  1. I love her and her music. I find both inspirational. Nice post:)


  2. Hún er svo flott og hæfileikarík! :)

  3. eg veit :) hun er fyrirmyndin min


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