I want this coat so bad! No I NEED IT!
Pretty pretty




The cold finally beat me. I stayed home sick today as I had lost my voice when I woke up this morning and the pounding headache wasn´t really helping either. Otherwise I´m not complaining, it can be pretty cozy to sleep a little bit longer and actually  have some time to  finish school work ( or watch movies ).
 For the past weeks  I´ve been thinking what I want to do with my hair. I´ve had the same cut and colour for a while now and I would like a change. I love red hair and it´s one hair colour I´ve always wanted to try.
The thing is I don´t want it to look fake, so I´ve gone through magazines and websites dedicated to haircare to try and find the right colour for me before I book an appointment with my hairdresser. I like all three below and Isla´s darkbrownish red would probably be the least risky change, but I have to say that Christina Hendrick´s hair colour is more what I had in mind.
Which one is your favourite?

should I go Florence red?

dark brownish red like Isla fischer?

or Christina Hendricks red? 

you tell me what you think!

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ciao guys


Music on a monday : Charlene Soraia - Wherever you will go

 Hey guys!

I had such a wonderful cozy weekend, and I hope you did too. Even managed to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The only downside might have to be that I came down with a pretty bad cold yesterday morning. This will have been the last weekend where I can allow myself to relax and do absolutely nothing so I am glad that it turn out how it did.  Now, my Christmas final is not far away, so all my free time up until then will probably be used for studying.
This is the perfect monday morning song. It was used in Tetley tea ads in Britain, I guess it´s because it makes  you feel all warm and happy - just like a cup of tea does.
Have a great week!

Until next time

- A



Found this picture via the English muse blog.
So glad the weekend is finally here, although I can´t exactly say this has been a long week. My weekend will be dedicated to studying for my finals, staying in all day watching movies and pigging out on good food.
Happy weekend everyone !

- A



Want it : Miu Miu platform Mary janes

Are these the most wonderful shoes ever or what?  Found these dreamy Miu Miu printed platform heels online the other day. I have now decided that this is the perfect shoe for me, I love everything about these!  The Mary Jane style and  the print, which makes them a little quirky.  And they look really comfy to walk in! I would love to pair these with a black dress and burgundy coloured tights to really let the shoes stand out. Unfortunatly the price tag is a little (just a tad) more than the budget of a student allows, so I will have to make due with daydreaming about these lovelies. Still, I heard that Forever 21 are selling a more budget friendly version of these shoes, too bad they don´t ship to Iceland.  

Oh yes! I would wear these all the time, I´d even sleep in them 

Until next time!



New favourite blog : English muse

Hello to whoever may still be reading this blog. 
I haven´t been a very active blogger as of late ( and I know this is probably about the third time I make excuses for being a lousy blogger) but I promise I have a perfectly good excuse. School has been beyond crazy (Teachers decided to pile all the important assignments and projects into the last three weeks of the term, yay!) and basically a lot of stuff going on. I swear we need  an extra day in the week to be able to finish everything. 
The other day I was browsing through a couple of blogs ( when I should have been studying) and found English muse 
The blog is run by Tina,   a Los Angeles based blogger. She writes about books and  interior design among other things, but my absolute favourite part of the blog are the pretty pretty photos she posts on the blog!

  I think these photos are so pretty and romantic!  Love them. I can sincerely reccomend you to check out this  wonderful blog.

Until next time 



Simple things

Life is crazy right now, one month left of school and the assignments and projects keep stacking up. Here are a few things making  me happy this week and helping me keep sane:

tons and tons of candles

I´ve become just a little obsessed with scented candles, and I love the candles from Annick Goutal, a more affordable version of their  luxurious perfumes. Also to me, candles are a very important winter staple to brighten up dark and cosy evenings.

Frida Kahlo

I am doing a school project on her.  She is such an inspiration and her story is amazing , she lived a life filled with passion and suffering. I am amazed at her strength, her passion for life and her colourful character. One of the most fun school related writing I have done in a long time.

El día de los muertos

The mexican equivalent to Halloween. To be honest I find the Día de los muertos  much more interresting, because of what the tradition stands for. The mexicans throw a three day  festival  to commemorate the dead and celebrate life. I can imagine it could be fun to be a tourist in Mexico during el día de los muertos, think that´s something I would like to do.

My black, leopard  print collar coat

My best loved wardrobe item right now. Wear it everyday and it makes simple pants and a sweater feel so fancy! Mine is a bit different from the picture, a vintage coat I got for a bargain last spring. The collar comes a bit further down ( kind of like the lining has been turned up into a collar) no pouf at the shoulders and it has a bit more of an A line skirt to it

James Vincent McMorrow

 His voice is amazing! I especially like his song We don´t eat. I love songs that feel like a big warm blanket and this is one of them.

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