cool girl alert : Emma Watson

I´m a part of the generation that grew up reading  the Harry Potter books  and later watching the films ( I´m such a Harry Potter fanatic, I honestly can´t get enough), so I grew up watching Emma Watson play the  role of clever witch Hermoine Granger. Hermoine was my hero growing up, and I looked up to her, she was so strong! Today I  really admire Emma, how she has grown out of her role as a child star, and seemingly made an effortless transition into a fashion icon. Especially how she has forced everyone to stop viewing her only as  Hermoine Granger, by reinventing her own look.I must say that was a smart move!
Among some of  the projects she has done as "the new Emma" are ad campaigns for Burberry, Chanel and a perfume ad  for Lancome  (now that has got to be every girl´s dream).
 But what i love most about her has to be that she seems so grounded, in spite of growing up famous. I think it´s really impressive that she is making sure to get an education, even though she probably has enough money already to last her a lifetime.
She is amazing , and I can´t wait to see what she will do in the future

Burberry ad campaign: boy would I just love to have these three by my side !

these pics  are maybe just a little more edgy ...

on the cover of elle


I really like her amazing new haircut, makes her look so much more grown up

LOVE that outfit!

Lancome  perfume ad - love her makeup

I just can´t get over how wonderful she is !!!

lots of love

- A

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