Family time in France

    So, I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago and thought I´d share some pictures  with you guys. We stayed with my grandparents , who live in a small village right outside of Paris. We joined  the rest of the family to celebrate my grandfather´s 90th birthday. That´s  not something that happens everyday !

Man of the hour : my grandfather Robert, celebrating his 90th birthday, he looks well doesn´t he ?

The amazing "gateux chocolat" my mother baked for the occasion

my pretty sister (apparently deep in thought)

We decided it would be  too much to try and pile 90 candles
on top of the cake ,  so we got one  big one

my darling sister at the restaurant where we celebrated

:) my cousin Ewen trying on his aunt´s leather jacket
 - along with our wonderful waiter

Ray Charles has arrived!

The view over Paris (you can see the Eiffel tower in the distance)
from my grandparent´s home

The lovely old village

And at last: my grandparents just after they started dating (Yes, this is my finger in the bottom corner, we didn´t have a scanner). This is such a romantic photo!

Might post photos from Paris soon

- A


  1. En þú heppin! Afi þinn lítur ekkert smá vel út miðað við aldur :)

  2. Takk kærlega fyrir, hann er enn í fullu fjöri miðað við aldur :D


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