Leather, studs, buckles and spikes are  my obsession  this season.
I really love the fetish trend that has been rocking the A/W '11 runways (Louis Vuitton for example).  This is such a cool trend, very fun and playful and  I love the idea of  adding  fetish inspired shoes or accessories to give a girly look some edge.
 I would pair the spike shoes with a leather pencil skirt and a super soft sweater to tone down the look. And if I were so lucky to have that leather jacket... it would never ever come off.

These are amazing- almost a wedge boot, really cool how the buckle divides the heel.

OH MY GOD - studs and spikes! This Burberry Prorsum jacket is at the top of my list. ( Can this be my new leather jacket? pretty please?)

Love the headband - don´t know if it would suit me though

Louis Vuitton red patent leather platforms. There are no words to describe these divine shoes !

Lita - good. Spiky Lita - perfection!

Burberry Prorsum studded trench coat 

Sam Edelman Lorissa spike pump


Better be careful with this Pamela Love spike cuff....we don´t want any accidents.

So, what´s your favourite piece ? Do you guys  like this trend?



fall wishlist 2011

The fall and winter seasons are my favourite time of the year, at least when it comes to dressing myself  ( Hello party season!).  I prefer the warm cosy  layers of winter  to the revealing clothes of summer. This fall I´m all about comfort and warmth, dreaming of  thick, chunky oversized sweaters,  maxi skirts, luxurious prints, leather and of course,  amazing shoes!
Here are a few things that I would not  object to dress up in this winter:

  • Burgundy - something burgundy coloured, like this cute sheer shirt from Topshop 

  • Leopard print shoes  - I love leopard print. It feels so luxurious, and it´s  perfect to spice up an all black outfit

  • T by Alexander Wang velvet maxi skirt - ticks all the boxes for the perfect maxi skirt!

  • A basic, cosy, oversize T- shirt -  ( or one in every colour). Perfect for layering.

  • black leather shorts -  I am obsessed with leather right now - and I can picture myself  wearing these with thick woolen tights, knee- high boots and a cosy oversized sweater. Perfect everyday outfit for fall!

  • Cool wellies - to take on the rainy days in style. These are from Hunter, lovely

  • An oversize sweater-  this one is from Stella McCartney and it´s perfect for days when you don´t feel like dressing up
  • black leather gloves - because they  look so classy (and no one likes to have frosty fingers)


I´m especially fond of the Alexander Wang skirt and the sweater from Stella McCartney, they would look great together!

Have a great week everyone!
Happy monday



Countdown to Airwaves - international artists part 2

Only three weeks to go until Airwaves (and they´ve just released the schedule, so go check it out here!). I´ve been a busy bee and have spent much of my spare time these past days listening to music by the artists that will be performing at the festival to get a better idea of which shows I´d like to see.

Young galaxy
 Young galaxy play  the perfect dance friendly music. I picture myself dancing the night away to their music. Their song we have everything  is perfect!

Der Staat

Dutch band - they sound very promising!

JD McPherson 

I love love love his song North Side gal!

Matthew Hemerlein

Luminescent braid - such a beautiful song

I think I´ve managed to get through most of the international artists that interest me, and with time to spare! I will be focusing on icelandic artists in the next couple of posts, as there are so many great ones, and so little time left!  
I already pretty much have the schedule planned out for myself- but I learnt last year that it´s best to just go with the flow and try to have fun!



Sunday in the rain

Fall has definitely arrived here in Iceland. At least the weather is giving us a reminder of what is to come.
 I woke up this morning to the sound of the strong wind and the rain hitting my windows, and it really feels like the first fall day, weather wise.
The best thing about this kind of weather is when you don´t have to go outside.  Just being able to spend the whole day indoors, curling  up with a book and some music,  or watching  a movie.  I usually use these kind of days to do things I feel less motivated to do when the weather is nice, like cleaning out old things that do nothing but take up much needed space.
But my absolute favourite thing to do when the weather is like this is to bake, even though I don´t do it nearly as often as I´d like to.
I find it very calming, not having to focus on anything other than the recipe and the baking process. 
And  doesn´t  it make things just a little more special to have a freshly baked cake and a hot drink to go along with your book or movie ? I think so.

the perfect rainy day song
A cover of the Arcade Fire song Rebellion sung by Benjamin  Francis Leftwich ( he´s coming to Iceland Airwaves! can´t wait!)

I hope everyone has a great week



fur, lace and leather

   Three different textures and materials I am obsessed with right now,  For example this summer I loved pairing a lace top with a maxi or knee length skirt, but now as the weather is getting colder I think I will have to find another way to work lace pieces into my wardrobe. For this winter I got very lucky when I found the most perfect brown faux fur coat at a market   for just 1500  icelandic kronur, which is nothing!. Now I just need a new leather jacket to replace my beloved, worn in  topshop leather jacket that got stolen last spring ( I am still heartbroken). Here are some pieces I would not object to dressing up in this winter:

I love this navy coloured trench coat from Topshop, and the leather sleeves really toughen it up a bit.  

This one is also lovely, and also from Topshop. Unfortunatly I don´t think it would be warm enough for the icelandic winter ( and the navy coat is prettier)

These lace over the knee socks will be my dose of lace for the winter, and are probably warmer than  a lace top. I think they would look cool worn over black or burgundy tights.

My coat is a bit similar to this one, if you count out the belt.

These  leather pants from Topshop could be the perfect way to work a bit of rock chick into my look. I know I would use them a lot.

So , which piece is your favourite ?

All my love


Countdown to Airwaves: International artists part 1

So first off,  I am thrilled to tell you that the blog has just reached a thousand pageviews!!  I am very thankful for your attention and I would love it if you guys could leave me some comments on what you want to see more of here on Allt í einu.
As today it is exactly a month until the first day of Iceland Airwaves I thought I ´d better get on with the countdown. In this post, I want to bring your attention to several of the international artists this year that sound promising. Now one of the things that I absolutely love about Iceland Airwaves   is discovering new artists , both icelandic and international. Last year in the weeks leading up to the festival I went through the entire list of artists to figure out what I wanted to see during the festival, and found many new favourites.
This year will be no different, and I have started working my way through the list for this year´s performers.

First up is Totally enormous extinct dinosaurs
The man behind Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is Englishman Orlando Higginbottom from Oxford. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs  play dance music, and the song Garden that was released in summer 2010  is what drew international attention and put Orlando smack in the middle of the well deserved spotlight.

Can´t wait to dance to this in just a month!!!

Austra is another band I´m excited to see as I´ve heard nothing but good things about them, and what I have heard from them I absolutely love! I especially like their song Lose it.
The band is from Canada and it  is trio  Dorian Wolf, Maya Postepski and Katie Stelmanis that make up the band.  I really really hope to see them live during Iceland Airwaves.

     I absolutely have to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich perform!  He has the most beautiful, haunting voice
     and I find his songs incredibly soothing, like a warm blanket and a cup of tea on a cold, windy day.
     Pictures is my favourite song by him .

Clock Opera   is a band from England that sounds very promising, I really like their sound from what I´ve heard so far and  apparently they are releasing a debut album in 2012, so if you like them, keep an eye out  for their album next year !

I really like this song! 

Now this is just an example of the many exciting artists that will be taking part in Iceland Airwaves 2011. I have many more I would like to show you , but that will have to wait for a better time , as I hear my school work crying out for attention.

Until next time




Today there are ten years since the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York.
My thoughts  are with  friends and family of those who were lost, and everyone who were affected on this day.

All my love
- A


Lady in red

Sara Jessica Parker wore this stunning red dress  from designer Giambattista Valli to the Moscow premiere of  her new movie I don´t know how she does it
There are no words strong enough to describe how I feel about this fabulous dress!
A picture says more than a thousand words, so here are the pics!

Wonderfully lovely n´ est pas ?
And of course she paired this stunner with a pair of Loboutins ( a la Carrie Bradshaw)
I could wear this dress every day for the rest of my life.

Happy Saturday,



 For this winter season I am very drawn to colour, which is a nice change, as my winter wardrobe tends to be all black. ( Black is such a flattering colour!). I love the colour palette for this A/W season,  consisting of  beautiful, sophisticated colours like burgundy and dark green. These colours just feel so luxurious and pair perfectly with black for a simple sophisticated outfit! I think burgundy might become a  fall favourite for colour.
Here are some burgundy coloured items that I wouldn´t mind dressing up in:

A sheer burgundy blouse

These wonderful ladylike shoes

or these !

perfect for school !

Burgundy pencil skirt from Zara: PERFECTION!

Have a good weekend everyone


P.S.  New York Fashion Week just started....here   is your front row seat! :)


Wanted: Lita Spike

I MUST, I must own this shoe..like right now!

Unfortunately they are  sold out already at Solestruck, but as soon as they´re back in stock... they will be  mine...eventually

- A


Countdown to Airwaves : GusGus

 It´s official - Iceland Airwaves 2011 is sold out! they just announced it yesterday. I still have a couple of friends that need a ticket, so if you know anyone who' s selling their tickets please contact me :)
This year, GusGus is one of my must see performances. They realeased  a new album, titled Arabian horse earlier this year , featuring  Högni Egilsson from icelandic band Hjaltalin ( he has one of the most wonderful voice I have ever heard, great musician). I actually just recently started listening to this band, after hearing a couple tracks from the new album. Still  the members of Gusgus are no rookies in music, but the band was founded in 1995 and have released 9 albums up until now.
Really can´t wait to see them live in october!!!

the band- along with Högni Egilsson( top left)

the album cover of the new album

Over - from their new album 



Marché Saint Leu - Saint Leu farmer´s market

Every time we go to France , we try to visit the farmers market in the next village over at least once, You could say it´s a little tradition of the family. This is probably one of the most fun things I do on vacation, as  there isn´t a farmers market in Iceland ( at least not one that compares to the markets in France and Europe).

We got up early on a saturday morning, got in the car and drove for about  half an hour to get to Saint Leu.
The Saint Leu market is mostly an indoor market, except for the farmers selling fresh flowers by the entrance.
You can  find  all kinds of produce from around the neigbouring areas : cheeses, fruit , vegetables, fish, meat to name a few things.
 Usually, August in France is a very quiet month, as many locals are off on vacation, and some companies even  close for the whole month, so that their staff can have summer vacation .
Therefore that were not as many merchants as usually that day, but we still left happy with a full basket of goodies for lunch.

Very, very harsh and bright lighting ,The  nectarines look amazing though !

The "poissonier" ( fish merchant)  answered all questions very professionally.

shallots, garlic and potatoes

in line at the butcher´s stand

yummy goat´s cheeses. My favourite!

How wonderfully mouthwatering is the walnut covered goat´s cheese?

Grandfather using his years of expertise to choose the perfect cheese for lunch

Fresh fruit and veggies ( the strawberries were amazing!)

 I want to go back right now when I look at these !

- A


If I was a rich girl....miu miu glitter shoes

I´ve seen  that a lot of bloggers are just as fond of the Miu miu fall shoe line as I am this year.    
   I especially love the glitter shoes, perfect to spice up a plain black outfit.

When I was little I dreamt about owning gold shoes, my grandmother used to own a pair of gold pumps , and I would try them on and pretend to be all grown up.  I think the ones on the picture above are my favourite, the pink ruffle / bow   make them extra special.
Think  I  would not  have any objections to having these lovely shoes moving in with me
If only ...



Countdown to Airwaves: Agent Fresco

So the countdown continues,
These guys are one of my favourite bands alltime, their music is just wonderful. I am so happy that they will be performing during Airwaves.
Agent Fresco is made up with four members:  Arnór Dan Arnarson, vocalist, Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson, drummer, Vignir Rafn Hilmarson, bassist  and Þórarinn guðnason, on guitar and piano.
The band won the Músíktilraunir band contest ( battle of the bands) in 2008, and have since then risen to the top of the icelandic music scene as one of the best, and most original bands in Iceland today.
Their first album - a 17 track album  named A long time listening was released in November 2010 and has received raving reviews since. For example Morgunblaðið had this to say:  “an amazing album by the best rock band in the country today”
Not too bad a review, eh ?
They also received the highest rating possible in Kerrang! magazine for their album , as well as a great review: "They're a a remarkable band, a head-spinning amalgam of sound and fury, which can recall Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Queen and Gang Of Four within a single song and then head in 20 different directions at once."

 Agent Fresco are also a great live band, I have seen them in a couple of gigs here in Iceland and never been dissapointed with them .
 I would say that these guys are a must see, during Iceland Airwaves if you are interested in truly good music .

Great song !

this one too:

and here at the final evening of Músíktilraunir in 2009

So , I want to hear from you guys:
who is going to Airwaves this year? and did you already buy your festival pass?

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