A merrier world...

Going through my computer this morning, I found this and it really made me smile. I come from a family where gathering around the dinner table over a good meal is highly valued. I have spent some of the best moments of my life over food with good people. So yes, I really think the world would be happier( and maybe a little fatter) if we kept this in mind.

Have a great Monday 



weekend dressing : patent leather

Winter is here for sure. The weather this week has been cold and windy. However today was very beautiful. I spent my day at the sheep roundup in Grindavík, catching the last few rays of sunlight. Here is my dream outfit for this weekend 

Have a great weekend!


Foodie Friday - my Paris places


This is like Disneyland for me! All kinds of beautiful pastries and luxury food products. Every time I visit Paris I have to go there. Still saving my tin of caramel tea I got there this summer for an extra special occasion. 


I love ice cream! Amorino is a great place to get a snack while taking a walk through the Quartier Latin. They put the gelato into the cone so that it looks like a flower. A very nice touch! 


Patisserie du Sud Tunisien
I visit this little bakery every single time I go to France. They serve baklava and other middle eastern pastries and the atmosphere in this little shop is always so warm and welcoming. 

So if you are ever in Paris, I definitely recommend these!

Have a great weekend



Travel fantasy

When the winter here in Iceland gets extra tough I love fantasizing about the coming summer months (which sometimes seem all to far away). Although I know it is important to live in the now, to appreciate what we have right here in front of us, a little fantasy never hurt anyone, right?

My day to day life pretty much revolves around travelling. I study tourism and work at the front desk of a hotel. So, naturally I spend a lot of time thinking about travels. 

Also I like having my next summer vacation planned out as early as possible, so that I can have something to look forward to through the cold winter. Yes, I am that boring plan ahead type. To be honest I think I barely have a spontaneous bone in my body. 
So here is my travel bucket list! 

1. Dublin
Dublin is at the top of my list and I would love to go there one day. 

2. Cuba
When I was a teenager I would watch Dirty dancing: Havana nights (the sequel) on repeat. I know that it is likely that the Cuba I saw in the movie is not the same as actual Cuba, but I am excited to see it for myself.  

3. India

India has always fascinated me and I´ve meant to go there for a long time. I would love to visit India sometime for the Holi festival. Looks like a lot of fun!

4. France

I have been there so many times and even lived there, but this is a place I will always want to revisit. I will never tire of France, it´s rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

One day, I will visit all these places, but for now I am perfectly happy taking shelter inside, wrapping my sweater tighter around me and pouring myself a second(third?) cup of hot chocolate. 

Have a great day!


Busy bee

Pretty much how I feel these days with the school workload piling up quickly! 

Have a good day



Spoken word.

I love spoken word poetry. I love stories. I love how certain words and the way they are spoken have the power to move and inspire us. Here are three of my favorite spoken word poems. 

When love arrives -  Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye
This poem is about how the expectations of love don´t always match up to the reality of it. Very sweet. 

 If I should have a daughter - Sarah Kay 
I just love this one. There are no words to describe it better.

To this day - Steve Koyczan 
This one is very close to my heart.I was bullied as a child so I can relate to most of these emotions. I know that all those horrible words that were thrown at me are not true. They will never be true. Also, but most importantly I know that I deserve to be happy, just like anybody else. 

Have a great day!



Music on a Monday: Lighthouse

This song is like a warm blanket, so light and fluffy but still it is full of emotion. 
Perfect for a cold windy autumn day. Just add a hot cup of tea/ coffee.

I hope you have a great week! 




Foodie Friday - Food trucks

Street food fascinates me. I love reading about original food trucks that serve up honest good food with a twist. Unfortunately the food truck culture here in Iceland is lacking. About the only time you will find a food truck in Reykjavík is at 5 am on a weekend when the bars close. So here is my fantasy list of food trucks I would like to have in Reykjavík...in broad daylight.  

The créme bruleé cart, San Fransisco

A San Fransisco food truck that specializes in my favorite dessert: créme bruleé! Now I would seriously consider buying an airplane ticket to San Fransisco just to eat there! Here is their website. 

Bhangra Burger, London 

An Indian take on the burger, just like the name implies. A match made in heaven in my books! Here you can find their website.

Mozza & co, Paris 

A mobile trattoria in Paris. Italian food, I´m sold! Here is their website.  

Jamon Jamon, London

A Paella food truck. I love love love paella so it would be great to have this one here in Iceland.Here is their website! 

Have a great weekend!



Wise words

I love this quote. 
So many people I know (myself included) tend to dwell on negative things when they happen. But bad things will always happen. That is just how life works. However it is how you choose to deal with them that is going to define your life. 

Have a great day!



Music on a monday: Chasing cars

Just like pretty much everyone I know, Monday is not exactly my favorite day of the week. There is something so difficult about getting back in to the everyday routine after a lazy weekend at home. Especially when the weather is gray and rainy outside and the duvet is just sooo warm and cosy!
There is no doubt about it, autumn is here. The weather hasn´t been very pleasant here in Iceland for the past few days and all the different layers of warm clothing are back at the front of my wardrobe. 
This song by Snow Patrol always reminds me of this season so I thought it would be perfect to share it with you today! 

Have a great Monday!



Foodie friday: Comfort food

Now that fall is here, I feel myself being increasingly drawn to comfort food. With the dropping temperatures there are few things I  can think of that I love more than being cosy and warm inside with good food and of course, good friends. Here are some of my favorite comfort foods to get me through the season: 

Ice cream
I love Ben and Jerry´s and Haagen Dazs. Unfortunately they are extremely pricey here in Iceland, plus they are so dangerously good so they are saved for special occasions. My all time favorite ice cream though is a white Toblerone - rasberry ice cream which I try not to make too often....as much as I love food I  do want to fit into my clothes.  


French food 
 I really love french cooking, as well as the role food plays in the french day to day life. Food is very important and the french respect the integrity of their ingredients when cooking. Croissants, cheeses, pastries, patés.. if it´s french it´s bound to be delicious.

Italians know their comfort food. There is something so incredibly comforting about a large bowl of pasta on a cold winter´s day. My ultimate comfort food

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate can make everything and anything better. Enough said!

Have a great weekend! 


NEW IN: knee high boots

Yesterday I found myself at the mall with some time on my hands, so naturally I ventured into some shops. 
In ZARA I found these amazing knee high suede boots. 
Needless to say I had a very difficult time leaving them behind at the store and couldn't stop thinking about them (Yes, it was love at first sight!) so I was forced to go back to the store and get them this morning. Definitely a new favorite, these will be worn a lot!

The weather here in Reykjavík is so wonderful today, sunny and warm. Finally when summer is over the sun comes out! Such a strange country I live in. 

Have a great day!



music on a monday:Santa Fe


I´m kicking off the week with Beirut and their song Santa Fe. Something about this song has a feel of summer´s end to it, which is perfect! Even though I will be sad to say goodbye to summer, my favorite season is drawing ever closer and I am looking forward to dressing up in layers and drinking hot tea.   

Happy Monday!



Weekend dressing: fall florals

I haven´t checked in here for a while so I thought I would throw together an outfit post. This is my dream outfit for this weekend´s big event: Culture night in Reykjavík. 

This fluffy sweater is perfect for the fall weather that has hit here in Iceland 

I love the floral pattern on this pretty dress! 

These amazing boots can be found here

This checked coat is the perfect item for winter! 

Have a great weekend! 
I will be spending mine soaking up the culture in my beautiful city 



Bags of fun

In my opinion a  bag can be essential in creating an outfit. These fun bags would also make a great conversation starter. 

 Such a pretty apple bag from Anya Hindmark 

 A sneaky way to pick up guys from Kate Spade 

This croissant bag from Charlotte Olympia has my name written all over it. 

This one from Kate Spade feels reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw 

Have a good day!



Daisies are my all time favorite flowers. Much to my joy 
I´ve been seeing a lot of daisy printed items this season (especially at Topshop). Here are some of my favorite pieces I´ve come across this summer.

These trousers from Asos are definitely on my shopping list! They will be a great way to perk up my wardrobe this coming winter, or of course to be worn the remainder of this summer (the weather here in Iceland is more reminiscent of September rather than July).

I really like the clothes from Oasis
They always have such cute and ladylike pieces. 

I have recently fallen in love with  the dungaree jumpsuits that have been in style this season. So to combine my love of jumpsuits and daisies,this one would be perfect! I also really love
this daisy jumpsuit from River Island.Now the question is: which one should I choose? 

I really like these cute daisy flats  (I could definitely stand to own more flat shoes, seeing that I have countless pairs of heels, but just one pair of flats, which are about to fall apart).

Last but not least, I really love this beautiful vintage fascinator hat. Actually I kind of lost my breath a little when I saw it over at Modcloth, but unfortunately it had already been sold.Oh well..

Have you been able to get your hands on some daisy print this season? 



Music on a Monday: Brave

I love Sarah Bareilles. Her songs are so wonderfully comforting.

Happy Monday!
Be brave. 



Foodie Friday: Reykjavík take out

It´s become somewhat of a tradition in my family to order take out on Friday nights. In a way we do this to celebrate the end of the week and to kick off the wwekend. So I thought what better way to kick off this weekend than to share some of my favorite take out restaurants in Reykjavík?

1. Austurlandahraðlestin

One of my favourite places in Reykjavík. Their take out restaurant in Hverfisgata has a small seating area if one should prefer to eat there. They´ve also just recently opened a restaurant in Lækjargata.  Their Naan breads are to die for and their Tandoori chicken might be one of the best things I´ve ever tasted. If you are very hungry I recommend the Onion Pakodas as well.

2. Krua Thai

My ultimate comfort food is their spring rolls. They also have a pretty good red curry.  I don´t know what it is about Thai food that is just so comforting. 

3. Hamborgarabúllan

A small, quirky burger joint by the old harbour.Good, simple burgers and perfect french fries(crispy- I hate soggy fries).

4. The Deli 
 Best. Pizza. Ever! Almost as good as if you had flown to Italy to get it. The Modo Mio vegetarian pizza is the best one on the menu. Unfortunately they don´t stay open past eight pm, except on weekends.Alternatively I like Eldsmiðjan but the quality of their pizza varies. 

5. Gló 

For those days when I want a well cooked, healthy meal (and can´t be bothered to cook) I can always count on Gló. It is a vegetarian/raw restaurant which means you walk out of there feeling healthy (and guilt free). I love their eggplant parmigiana. 

Have a great weekend!



little things

.....that make me happy

Love these magazine page envelopes
..now this is recycling I can get on board with!

 a good lunch has the amazing power to turn even the worst day around.

This necklace is almost like it was made for me personally. The  sentence engraved on the necklace " We all have a story to tell" is at the core of my being. Really love it and have to make it mine. 

 Have a great day!





This looks like the perfect cosy place to sit down for a drink with a friend.
This is where I want to be!

Have a great day, wherever you are



Free people

Natalie off duty and Color me Nana are two blogs that I often read. The Suarez sisters have great style and I love every single outfit posted on their blogs. 
Free people is a label that is frequently featured in their outfit posts. Somehow I never got around to check it out myself until recently and oh boy am I in trouble!! It is almost like each and every piece has been tailor made to suit my style.  Their clothing has a luxe boho feel to it which is exactly what I like! Here is a little Free people wishlist I put together...

This pretty purple embroidered dress looks so comfy. I would wear it with chunky grey tights, platform heels and my big yellow scarf for fall (it´s only July and I´m  already thinking about fall? I think the crappy Icelandic weather has gotten to me.)

One thing that I especially love are their romantic sheer slip dresses. Perfect over a pair of skinny trousers underneath a cute (warm) knit, add some ankle boots =  the perfect autumn outfit!(Ok so the weather has definitely gotten to me...) 


I don´t usually wear a lot of belts, but I want to and after discovering these belts on the Free People website I think I will. Belts are such an easy and fun way to accessorize and break up a simple outfit. If I were to have either of these two (or both!) I would wear them all the time like the most precious jewellery!

Navi hip belt  

Now, who wants to take me shopping?


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