New Years outfit

Hey guys, 
I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too! Delicious food, Christmas movies and tons of chocolate. Now the fun is not over yet since New Years Eve is less than a week away! I´m so excited since New Years Eve is my all time favorite holiday.Now of course I have found the perfect party outfit to ring in the new year, but just for fun I put together my dream outfit for next weeks festivities.

These three items would make a great New years eve outfit - paired with bright fuschia pink lipstick and some fancy hair accessories!

you can find the pants here, the jacket here and the shoes here

Have a great day


Christmas time

Hey guys 
I can´t believe it´s already Christmas today. 
The whole month of December just seems to have flown by me in the blink of an eye and I don´t feel that I have been able to do all the things I normally do before Christmas.Those little things that have been like a ritual to me since childhood in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I guess that is a part of growing up, as we get older we have more responsibilities and therefore less time for those things. Still I feel that it is so important to try and hold on to these little habits and traditions, traditions that remind us of Christmas as a child, like watching exactly the same Christmas movies (with a few new additions of course!) that I did 10 years ago, drinking hot chocolate ( with the addition of coffee) and walking around town taking in the atmosphere the night before Christmas Eve (this time being allowed to stay up late). I think the best Christmas traditions are when you are able to fuse together childhood memories and grown up reality. Although I may not love Christmas with the same childish wonderment as I did before it is still my favorite time of year. Getting to spend time with family and friends, eat good food together and commemorate those dear to us that are no longer here.
 I stubbornly stayed up until 4 am last night baking, just so that  I could bake something before Christmas rolled around, to uphold my Christmas traditions. I have such great memories of Christmases past and I can´t wait to make some more with my beautiful family. 

Happy Christmas everyone!!!
and thank so much for reading the blog 



Almost there...

Hey guys, 

I am so close to the end of finals, only one left. By this time I am getting a bit tired(several sleepless nights in a row will do that to you)and my motivation is fading. Basically I just want to sleep,eat and relax. I can´t wait until next Friday at noon, (icelandic time)then I will be a free woman! Let me tell you that,three weeks off from school does sound pretty good and I have promised myself to do nothing but eat good food, read  the books that I choose and generally enjoy life. But in the meantime, this picture helps.

See you on the other side 



Links I love

Hey Guys 
Here are a few links from this week´s Internet route, including clever DIY gift ideas and a recipe for the ultimate comfort food. This Saturday was spent at a Farmer´s market, so many delicious things on offer such as homemade jams, cheeses, artisanal breads and homemade candies. I love food and these kinds of markets are so much fun, I just wish they were held more often here in Reykjavík. Anyways I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 

 We have the coolest mayor ever here in Reykjavík!

A very cool idea - a DIY christmas gift  for the fashionista

Im loving this great christmas present/ decoration DIY

A thought provoking article on why it is important to live in the now

I always wanted to try making Sheperd´s pie - this recipe looks so delicious and the mint adds an unexpected twist.  



On my list...

Hey guys, 

I´m almost halfway through my final exams and I am so excited to get a little break and enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas. Drinking hot chocolate, watching christmas movies, buying presents, make some mulled wine.... the list goes on and on. I love this time of year.

 This beautiful ASOS suit has been on my mind for quite some time. Would look awesome with a crisp white shirt, a statement necklace and classic black pumps. This combo has so many possibilities as it can be worn together or separately. The burgundy blazer is a true investment piece, this color is everywhere this season (in addition to being very flattering)!
It would look great thrown over a killer dress or with some jeans and a tank top. I would wear the pants with a leather top and Doc Martens, or even a fringe jacket to add a little rock edge to the look.
 Oh! All the outfits I´m already putting together in my head. This combo has definitely made it to the top of my Christmas wishlist this year. 


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