A merrier world...

Going through my computer this morning, I found this and it really made me smile. I come from a family where gathering around the dinner table over a good meal is highly valued. I have spent some of the best moments of my life over food with good people. So yes, I really think the world would be happier( and maybe a little fatter) if we kept this in mind.

Have a great Monday 



weekend dressing : patent leather

Winter is here for sure. The weather this week has been cold and windy. However today was very beautiful. I spent my day at the sheep roundup in Grindavík, catching the last few rays of sunlight. Here is my dream outfit for this weekend 

Have a great weekend!


Foodie Friday - my Paris places


This is like Disneyland for me! All kinds of beautiful pastries and luxury food products. Every time I visit Paris I have to go there. Still saving my tin of caramel tea I got there this summer for an extra special occasion. 


I love ice cream! Amorino is a great place to get a snack while taking a walk through the Quartier Latin. They put the gelato into the cone so that it looks like a flower. A very nice touch! 


Patisserie du Sud Tunisien
I visit this little bakery every single time I go to France. They serve baklava and other middle eastern pastries and the atmosphere in this little shop is always so warm and welcoming. 

So if you are ever in Paris, I definitely recommend these!

Have a great weekend



Travel fantasy

When the winter here in Iceland gets extra tough I love fantasizing about the coming summer months (which sometimes seem all to far away). Although I know it is important to live in the now, to appreciate what we have right here in front of us, a little fantasy never hurt anyone, right?

My day to day life pretty much revolves around travelling. I study tourism and work at the front desk of a hotel. So, naturally I spend a lot of time thinking about travels. 

Also I like having my next summer vacation planned out as early as possible, so that I can have something to look forward to through the cold winter. Yes, I am that boring plan ahead type. To be honest I think I barely have a spontaneous bone in my body. 
So here is my travel bucket list! 

1. Dublin
Dublin is at the top of my list and I would love to go there one day. 

2. Cuba
When I was a teenager I would watch Dirty dancing: Havana nights (the sequel) on repeat. I know that it is likely that the Cuba I saw in the movie is not the same as actual Cuba, but I am excited to see it for myself.  

3. India

India has always fascinated me and I´ve meant to go there for a long time. I would love to visit India sometime for the Holi festival. Looks like a lot of fun!

4. France

I have been there so many times and even lived there, but this is a place I will always want to revisit. I will never tire of France, it´s rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

One day, I will visit all these places, but for now I am perfectly happy taking shelter inside, wrapping my sweater tighter around me and pouring myself a second(third?) cup of hot chocolate. 

Have a great day!


Busy bee

Pretty much how I feel these days with the school workload piling up quickly! 

Have a good day



Spoken word.

I love spoken word poetry. I love stories. I love how certain words and the way they are spoken have the power to move and inspire us. Here are three of my favorite spoken word poems. 

When love arrives -  Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye
This poem is about how the expectations of love don´t always match up to the reality of it. Very sweet. 

 If I should have a daughter - Sarah Kay 
I just love this one. There are no words to describe it better.

To this day - Steve Koyczan 
This one is very close to my heart.I was bullied as a child so I can relate to most of these emotions. I know that all those horrible words that were thrown at me are not true. They will never be true. Also, but most importantly I know that I deserve to be happy, just like anybody else. 

Have a great day!



Music on a Monday: Lighthouse

This song is like a warm blanket, so light and fluffy but still it is full of emotion. 
Perfect for a cold windy autumn day. Just add a hot cup of tea/ coffee.

I hope you have a great week! 



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