Hey guys, 
I watched as Paper man won the title of best animated short during this year´s Oscars ceremony but I had never seen it, I had not even heard of it! Now a little more than a month later, after having seen the film several times I have to say that I love it more with each viewing and it always manages to warm my heart. Such a cute story and really beautiful animation. 
So in case you hadn´t seen it yet, I wanted to share it with you...so here it is!

Have a great day!



prima ballerina

I have always loved ballet, ever since I was little.
 It is such a beautiful art form. I even had a go at it my self (when I was very young). Not only is the the dancing itself pretty but I also really like the outfits that go along with it. The tulle skirts, the ballet shoes, the beautiful hairdos, the colors. It´s just beautiful. Since I didn´t have the patience to stick it out with ballet  I have decided to focus on ballet inspired clothing. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw some of the looks from the Topshop Unique AW13 runway. These looks scream ballerina. They also scream my name. 

And here are a few (more budget friendly) ballet inspired finds from around the internet...

Tulle skirt from ASOS

Really pretty shoes....can´t remeber where I found them....

.....but these heeled ballerinas from Topshop  are also really pretty 

Ballet wrap dress from ASOS

Have a great day!



Music on a monday: The mother we share

Hey guys, 
This week will be a short one since Easter vacation starts on Wednesday, so it´s already shaping up to be pretty great week. And how can you not be happy when the weather is this nice? ( I know I comment on the weather in almost every post these days, but I am just so happy that winter is over... just bare with me). This Monday I chose The mother we share by Scottish band Chvrches. An upbeat song that feels appropriate for this beautiful day.  

Have a great week!



weekend dressing: blush

Hey guys, 

This is my dream outfit for the  weekend
I love the fact that the weather has begun to show signs of spring. Finally! 
This outfit would be perfect for today´s family party. The printed leather dress makes a statement, while the blush pink shoes and sweater tone it down a little, making it  perfectly appropriate for a Saturday spent with the family. Plus the dress will work for night too, just switch to heels and ditch the sweater for a nice black coat.

Have a great weekend


Foodie Friday: Easter

 Hi guys, 
With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to dedicate this week´s post to one of my favorite holidays. Basically any holiday that involves good food and good people instantly becomes a favorite of mine. But Easter feels extra special as for me it also signals  the beginning of spring. The fact that the long cold Icelandic winter is finally coming to an end. 
That, and the chocolate of course!
Many cherished childhood memories of mine are bound to this holiday. When we were little my sister and I would excitedly search for the Easter eggs the bells had brought us(In France bells bring the Easter eggs). 
We would get the most amazing chocolates: easter bunnies, easter hens and  little chocolate eggs in colorful foil wrappers. 
Maybe this explains my  love of this holiday, as well as my obseesion with chocolate. 

Although I´m technically a grown up now, picking out a chocolate egg for Easter is still a great source of joy for me. It´s a small piece of my childhood self I have managed to hold on to. But now, according to age, my choices are a little bit more grown up( Still, I will never be too old for Kinder eggs and Easter bunnies). This year I´m thinking of splurging on one of these beautiful eggs: 

Handmade chocolate eggs from my favorite bakery here in Reykjavík: Sandholt. Yup, I think that´s it. 
Making your own easter eggs is also really fun, I´ve tried that myself once. The upside to that is you get to decide on the design of the egg, what kinds of chocolate you want to use, the decorations, the size. The Possibilities are endless.A homemade easter egg also makes a great gift! Here you have a step by step guide on how to make your own easter eggs and just for fun, here is a list of traditional easter foods around the world 

Have a great weekend





Hey hey, 

Today, March 20th has been declared International happiness day by the United Nations. This is the world´s first international happiness day. I think this is such a wonderful idea. There are so many difficult things in life, and the world media almost exclusively brings us news of the horrible, sad things that are happening around the world. Therefor it is wonderful to be able to take a moment and even better to have a whole day to focus on the good things. The things that make us happy. 
Happiness to me is in the little things. The silver linings. You can always draw something positive out of every situation. Even if it is just something very small. I just have to believe it. 

so to honor this day, here are a few things making me happy these days....

......   The end of winter. It is such an amazing feeling being up at 8 am and the sun is already up. which leads me to the next one..

....being finally able to use sunglasses, not only do they shield my eyes from the sun but I somehow feel instantly more beautiful when I wear them.

.... floral dresses. 

......My wonderful friends. Meeting up for lunch or coffee instantly makes an ordinary day feel special. 

.......thoughts of summer. Having something to look forward to can bring you happiness. I look forward to summer. To the end of the school year. I look forward to long summer days. And I really look forward to my vacation in Greece and seeing my family in France. And that makes me happy. 

Have a very happy day




Music on a Monday: Let her go

I´ve been absent here on the blog the last week, due to a very busy week at school. But I´m back! 
This beautiful song by the band Passenger has been on my mind this past week. So lovely!

Have a great week!



Hi guys,

I am a bit of a shopaholic, I like dresses and skirts and shoes and .....you get the picture. The one thing I usually allow myself to splurge a little more on are jackets and coats.I think this is the most important part of an outfit. At least it is here in Iceland where it is cold and/or rainy most of the year and you have no choice but wear some sort of a coat or jacket. That´s why I am in love with statement coats. To me the overcoat has to be beautiful and really make a statement, since during the winter no one is going to see the carefully put together outfit that is underneath.   
Here are some of my favorites ...

river island. This jacket is too pretty for words.

Topshop. I really love the detail on the sleeves. 

Topshop Unique coat 

Goldie fringe coat

Beautiful floral biker jacket by rare. I love colorful and printed coats for winter

Car coat from Topshop

and then these would be great for summer ....

This short sleeved coat from River Island screams summer!

Love this red blazer from River Island. perfect over an all black outfit

River island. A true statement piece 

This lace jacket  from Asos  is so beautiful for warm summer days!

And finally this beautiful kimono jacket from Topshop just made it to the top of my wishlist!

Have a great day!


Music on a monday: Never fall in love

Hey guys, 

It´s Monday yet agian. Time really flies. I´ve had this song on repeat all weekend. Feels like spring when I listen to it ( and the weather outside is getting better, little by little). 

Have a great week!


weekend dressing : feeling blue

Hey guys, 
I am so happy this week is over and so ready to have a cosy relaxing family weekend.
This is my fantasy weekend outfit.  I think the earrings are so pretty and they match the beautiful wide leg pants ( I looove wide leg pants). I would keep everything else neutral to allow the blue color to pop so the white top and grey sweater are great. Finally I would top it off with a cool hat and some basic black pumps. 

Have a great weekend!


Foodie Friday: My must try restaurants

Hi guys,
These are a couple of restaurants in Reykjavík that I have wanted  to try for a while. 

This one opened last spring and they only serve appetizers. The concept of the restaurant is that you can go there, get a glass of wine and a little something to go along with it. The menu looks very nice, but somehow I have let a year go by and haven´t tried it yet. 

Lemon is a new restaurant ( it actually opens today). According to the owners it is modeled after places like Prét a manger in London and Joe and the juice in Copenhagen. Needless to say I am very excited to give it a try.

icelandic fish and chips
Described as an organic bistro.Here you can get fresh fish with hand cut fries and skyronnaise. Skyronnaise is a healthier take on the traditional mayo. It is made with skyr, which is similar to greek yoghurt, only slightly thicker. The skyronnaise comes in a variety of flavors. A healthier take on the traditional fish and chips. Think I will get around to try this one soon!

 C is for cookie 
I have passed this cute little café several times. It is relatively hidden away in a side street from Skólavörðustígur. I would say that I am a creature of habit, because I tend to  go to the exact same places to get my coffee. srill I have heard great things about this place(the cakes are supposed to be amazing) so I will be breaking out of my routine soon to give this place a try! 


Grill market or Grillmarkaðurinn like it is called in Icelandic is relatively new on the Reykjavík restaurant scene. Owned by  Hrefna Rósa Sætran, who owns another popular restaurant here in Reykjavík, Fish market. Fish market mainly serves seafood and they have the most amazing sushi, so I really reccomend it.
However I have never eaten at Grill market but I have only heard rave reviews, so I am excited to give it a try.

Have a great weekend!



Oh Paris! 
I´m researching places to do an exchange semester next year and keep coming back to the same place. Paris,my absolute favorite place in the entire world. There are few other places in the world where I feel as inspired, happy and peaceful.  The city of love. The city of good food and fashion. I never ever tire of Paris, I wish I would never have to leave. I would love to spend the rest of my days (or at least a couple months) taking strolls through the city with a café au lait and a croissant in hand, going to the Louvre every weekend and hanging out at jazz clubs. 

I miss the macarons. You can get good macarons here in Iceland but there is nothing like the real thing .....

I miss the amazing bread. The bread at Sandholt bakery here in Reykjavík is a close second. 

The cheeses. Cheese is one of my favourite foods, especially french cheeses, the goat´s cheese, Fourme D´ambert, brie......Oh mon dieu!! 

I miss the wonderful atmosphere, which is only to be found in my beloved Paris, the comfort I get from walking through the exhibits at the Louvre in peace and quiet. Finally I really, really miss my wonderful family and I am hoping to see them this summer. I dream away to Paris at least once a day, there are so many wonderful things there and I have so many wonderful memories bound to Paris. Paris mon amour.


Oh my! I think it might be time to take a look at flights! 
I regularly read the Cherry blossom girl blog, she is a french blogger and the other day I saw a photo of her wearing this suit: 

It´s a Paris suit! The print is a street map of the city. I absolutely must have it! Then I can wear my heart on my sleeve, for real. Unfortunately it´s a little bit outside my budget. 

Guess I´d better start saving up!!

Have a great day


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