Paris ..finally !

So Im finally here !!!
 Its so good to see  the family again ,  I cant believe its been 3 years ! Tomorrow is my grandfathers 90th birthday  and we are gonna have a big dinner with all the family. The trip here went pretty fast as I slept almost all the way through the flight,  I did not get much sleep last night as it took me forever to decide what to pack, I guess I am a little too emotionally attached to my clothes ( I must say, I am quite proud of myself. I dont think I have ever managed to pack this light!).
This summer has been all work and no play for me, so I am really looking forward to a couple of days relaxing and doing nothing. Just stuffing my face with delicious french food and catching up with family (and of course there will probably be a little shopping too). I will probably try too keep up with the posting while I´m away (although that might prove to be a little difficult as I dont have constant access to the internet) and those of you going to the  Iceland Airwaves  festival next October, keep an eye out here on the blog ;)

And yes! of course I will be stuffing my face with these lovelies for the whole entire time :D

And of course loads and loads of yummy goat´s cheese, preferably with baguette bread

.....I´ll probably be overweight when I get back home 

Au revoir 

- A


  1. Have a fantastic time! Happy birthday to grandpa. 90 years is quite a milestone.



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