Music on a monday: In memoriam

Hey guys,
I am so excited for this coming week, it´s going to be crazy busy but I am in high spirits. I don´t knowe why, it just feels like we are inching closer to summer each day, it´s already started to get brighter out ( still daylight at six, that´s good enough for me!)  This weeks monday song is to honour a great woman that passed away in January, Etta James. Etta James was, and always will be one of my favourite artists and she is a legend in the music industry. May she rest in peace.

Have a great week!



All that glitters is gold

Look  what I found on Solestruck!!!
In this post I talked about my sincere love of  the Miu Miu glitter shoes, and because they are a bit over budget for the normal girl, I had to put my shoe dreams to sleep. So imagine my joy when I found these cute look alikes  on Solestruck the other day  for a fraction of the price. Hmmm....should I ?

You can find them here



Never let me go

Hi guys,

I love this song from the new album Ceremonials by Florence and the machine:

I have been listening to the new album non-stop since I got it Sunday. It helps make the homework a little less boring.

Once again, I would love for you guys to leave me some comments and to follow me on bloglovin!



Birthday girl!

Yep you guys,
It´s my birthday today!!!
So happy to be a year wiser ( at least I´d like to think that). I had the best birthday present I could have asked for, I had the most wonderful weekend with my friends and family. Friday night a friend and I threw a joint birthday party for our group of friends, which turn out to be so much fun! Saturday was happily spent sleeping, watching movies and eating greasy comfort food.
Yesterday evening, to top off a perfect weekend I was invited out to dinner by my parents and my sister to celebrate my birthday.
I am so thrilled for the coming year in my life. There are so many exciting things about to come my way. This month I will ( hopefully) at last pass my driver´s liscense after a two year struggle with my irrational fear of traffic. I am graduating this spring and am planning to spend easter travelling between friends located in different places in Europe.
So, as you can see... exciting times ahead.
I have also promised myself to be more active on this blog, no matter how busy I might get with other things.

Got my favourite perfume as a birthday present!!!

Eva Green is so cool!!!

Have a great week you guys!

Lots o´love



A Happy New Year

Hi guys

Im so sorry I haven´t been very active on the blog the past few weeks. My life suddenly decided to turn in to a hurricane of both good and bad things. In the spirit of New Year´s and new beginnings, I have decided to focus on the good.  I am excited for 2012 and what the coming year will bring me.
Went to see New Year´s Eve in the cinema a couple days before the actual New Year´s.
It´s such a sweet film, full of hope ( I love movies where you get to follow multiple characters that don´t know each other but in some way their paths cross with each other).
I´ve watched Glee a couple of times, and I am a big fan of Lea Michele and her amazing voice so this song was a treat for me:

This song relates so well to  New Year´s eve as I see it. Full of hope for the unknown, new beginnings, second chances and sometimes.. having to say goodbye and be thankful for what you had and the memories that will always be there.

Happy new year everyone! I hope you have your most amazing year yet

Thank you for reading the blog

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