Grilled cheese social + yummy pics


I am truly sorry for my long absence from the blog. I am not even going to come up with an excuse, truth is that I have been extremely lazy for the past few weeks, and I intend to make up for that by  working extra hard at entertaining you with my blog posts.

I read a lot of blogs that are about food, baking and cooking, as desserts and chocolate are my passion and my number one weakness in life ;)
The other day I stumbled upon a blog called Grilled cheese social    and as the name implies it´s mainly about grilled cheese sandwiches. Now, I know that may not sound all that interesting at first but believe me, once you see all the yummy pictures you will change your mind! And I strongly advise you from reading this blog on an empty stomach, trust me not a good idea!
She does different takes on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, such as this one
A yummy grilled cheese with goat´s cheese. Yum! Goat´s cheese is my all time favourite cheese, but here in Iceland it´s just damn too expensive for me to buy it with good conscience.

In other news, I just came back from a wonderful vacation in Spain last week, a whole week with my family, the ocean and sangrias . not too bad :) And of course I also went crazy did a little shopping, we even found an H&M shop! So as soon as my camera gets well I will be doing some outfit posts.

  For now I will leave  you with a few yummy pics from my favourite foodie blogs this week

 grilled goat´s cheese sandwich 
picture via Grilled cheese social

doughnut holes via söta saker , I have to make these!!

gorgeous salted caramel , this I will definitely make!
picture via cupcakes and cashmere

I dare not add any more delicious photos, as I´ve gotten very very hungry just from watching these :)
In spite of the pictures above, now that summer is here I have been craving fresh food, salads, rasberries, sorbet ice creams,  lots and lots of veggies, maybe with a hummus dip?..........I have to go eat something, this is torture 

until next time
- Andrea


Current obsession : Tokyomilk

hey :)
Sorry about my absence from the blog the past few days.
I was a bit busy with school this past week, had my big final exam in Icelandic literature( I´m keeping my fingers  crossed that I passed!!!). Now I´m off for the whole summer, so I´ve got no excuse not to blog!
I promise I´m going to get better at this, just bare with me.
The weather here in Iceland is pretty amazing at the moment  (thankfully so after a very cold and snowy april month), even though the sun is not out every day I can feel it getting pretty warm, so maybe it´s time to swap my  winter jacket for something lighter ( yes! that was an excuse to shop)
I passed by my favourite shop, Kisan on my way to work today. This shop is amazing and they have such wonderful things there, such as Annick Goutal perfumes, all kinds of books, beautiful jewllery and clothing. This store is perfect for buying gifts.
But the thing that caught my eye today were the  solid perfumes and lip balms from the label Tokyomilk
I really really like solid perfumes, because I feel they stay on longer than the spray on perfumes, and I especially like the beautiful illustrations on the product packaging, so pretty !
In addition to cosmetics, Tokyomilk also offer a range of candles and stationary, I reccomend you check out their website ( link above).

  Sugar Sugar solid perfume - This one is definitely on my wishlist ( which is already long enough )

I want to do an outfit post, as I´ve found so many  beautiful things in the second hand shops around Reykjavík. Looking forward to that, but first I have to get my camera fixed

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Andrea



 Vissuð þið að það er hægt að fá Acne buxur á 4000kr í Outlet búð Andersen og Lauth?
Átti leið hjá í dag og ákvað að kíkja inn og skoða öll fallegu fötin , aftast í búðinni var borð fullt af buxum á 4000kr, þar á meðal frá sænska merkinu Acne. Það er bara nokkuð gott verð finnst mér :)
Svo er einnig við hæfi að benda á tilboð sem er í gangi í Rokk og Rósum, 7 hlutir á 7000 krónur, gildir um allt í búðinni! Fann sjálf krúttleg pils og kjóla !
Að lokum er Spútnikmarkaðurinn á Hlemmi líka góður staður til að fá föt á góðu verði, en þar þarf maður að gramsa smá til að finna það flottasta.
Gangi ykkur vel að versla ;)


Bargain alert for those of you currently in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Today I passed by an outlet shop, operated by icelandic designer brand Andersen & Lauth which is located on the main shopping street, Laugavegur. I decided to take a look inside and noticed at the back of the store they had a table full of pants and jeans all for 4000 krónur each ( about 36 US dollars). In the pile of jeans I found a couple pairs of  very nice Acne jeans. Now that´s what I call a bargain!
If you are planning to do some shopping, vintage store Rokk og Rósir is currently has an amazing offer:         7 items for 7000 krónur ( around 63 US dollars). This offer is valid for everything in the store: clothes , shoes, bags , belts and jewellery!!
At last I wanted to point out to you another vintage store the Spúútnik markaður, nearby Hlemmur bus station. Everything there is under 4500 krónur ( cirka 40 dollars) and they have amazing leather jackets, dresses, tunics and much more. I have been there twice myself , and found some cool stuff.
Happy bargain shopping! :)

Remember to follow allt í einu on bloglovin!
- Andrea
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