The accidental shopper

So, I kind of promised myself I wouldn´t shop until I got to Paris ( yes :) this time next week I will be in Paris. )
But today being my only day off from work I went downtown to meet up with some friends...and kind of broke that promise. Multiple times. I actually think I might have a problem. Well at least I know I´m addicted to maxi skirts,  I have them in every colour of the rainbow. They´re just perfect for the winter in Iceland so I´ve kind of been collecting them.
We were just going to have a look into some of our favourite vintage shops, and I "accidentally" ended up with a full bag of clothes and a necklace. I´m very happy with what I bought, but I probably won´t be doing any shopping in Paris after all....well more time for all the pastries and cakes then :D And sightseeing!

Will post pictures of my vintage finds later

This will be me in one weeks time :)



  1. Have a fun time on your trip. I know how hard it is to not shop sometimes.


  2. Thank you Erin, i will try my best :)


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