Food adventures : links

What better way to kick off  a new  week than with a few fun and adventurous recipes?
I can´t think of many ( except maybe for shopping)

I really want to:

Picture belongs to davidlebovitz.com

  • Learn how to make whipped cream out of coconut milk at The Kitchn blog  Perfect for vegetarians or those who can´t eat dairy 

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    •  Créme Brúlée is my all time favourite dessert . This  Créme brúlée french toast can´t possibly go wrong! Yep definitely gotta try this one
    Picture is from Smitten kitchen

    • If there is one thing I love more than coffee in this world , it´s chocolate. And nuts. Together in blissful harmony. That is why I love Nutella. So I´m kind of obligated to try this recipe for  Homemade nutella
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    Happy cooking !
    Lots of love

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