Daisies are my all time favorite flowers. Much to my joy 
I´ve been seeing a lot of daisy printed items this season (especially at Topshop). Here are some of my favorite pieces I´ve come across this summer.

These trousers from Asos are definitely on my shopping list! They will be a great way to perk up my wardrobe this coming winter, or of course to be worn the remainder of this summer (the weather here in Iceland is more reminiscent of September rather than July).

I really like the clothes from Oasis
They always have such cute and ladylike pieces. 

I have recently fallen in love with  the dungaree jumpsuits that have been in style this season. So to combine my love of jumpsuits and daisies,this one would be perfect! I also really love
this daisy jumpsuit from River Island.Now the question is: which one should I choose? 

I really like these cute daisy flats  (I could definitely stand to own more flat shoes, seeing that I have countless pairs of heels, but just one pair of flats, which are about to fall apart).

Last but not least, I really love this beautiful vintage fascinator hat. Actually I kind of lost my breath a little when I saw it over at Modcloth, but unfortunately it had already been sold.Oh well..

Have you been able to get your hands on some daisy print this season? 



Music on a Monday: Brave

I love Sarah Bareilles. Her songs are so wonderfully comforting.

Happy Monday!
Be brave. 



Foodie Friday: Reykjavík take out

It´s become somewhat of a tradition in my family to order take out on Friday nights. In a way we do this to celebrate the end of the week and to kick off the wwekend. So I thought what better way to kick off this weekend than to share some of my favorite take out restaurants in Reykjavík?

1. Austurlandahraðlestin

One of my favourite places in Reykjavík. Their take out restaurant in Hverfisgata has a small seating area if one should prefer to eat there. They´ve also just recently opened a restaurant in Lækjargata.  Their Naan breads are to die for and their Tandoori chicken might be one of the best things I´ve ever tasted. If you are very hungry I recommend the Onion Pakodas as well.

2. Krua Thai

My ultimate comfort food is their spring rolls. They also have a pretty good red curry.  I don´t know what it is about Thai food that is just so comforting. 

3. Hamborgarabúllan

A small, quirky burger joint by the old harbour.Good, simple burgers and perfect french fries(crispy- I hate soggy fries).

4. The Deli 
 Best. Pizza. Ever! Almost as good as if you had flown to Italy to get it. The Modo Mio vegetarian pizza is the best one on the menu. Unfortunately they don´t stay open past eight pm, except on weekends.Alternatively I like Eldsmiðjan but the quality of their pizza varies. 

5. Gló 

For those days when I want a well cooked, healthy meal (and can´t be bothered to cook) I can always count on Gló. It is a vegetarian/raw restaurant which means you walk out of there feeling healthy (and guilt free). I love their eggplant parmigiana. 

Have a great weekend!



little things

.....that make me happy

Love these magazine page envelopes
..now this is recycling I can get on board with!

 a good lunch has the amazing power to turn even the worst day around.

This necklace is almost like it was made for me personally. The  sentence engraved on the necklace " We all have a story to tell" is at the core of my being. Really love it and have to make it mine. 

 Have a great day!





This looks like the perfect cosy place to sit down for a drink with a friend.
This is where I want to be!

Have a great day, wherever you are



Free people

Natalie off duty and Color me Nana are two blogs that I often read. The Suarez sisters have great style and I love every single outfit posted on their blogs. 
Free people is a label that is frequently featured in their outfit posts. Somehow I never got around to check it out myself until recently and oh boy am I in trouble!! It is almost like each and every piece has been tailor made to suit my style.  Their clothing has a luxe boho feel to it which is exactly what I like! Here is a little Free people wishlist I put together...

This pretty purple embroidered dress looks so comfy. I would wear it with chunky grey tights, platform heels and my big yellow scarf for fall (it´s only July and I´m  already thinking about fall? I think the crappy Icelandic weather has gotten to me.)

One thing that I especially love are their romantic sheer slip dresses. Perfect over a pair of skinny trousers underneath a cute (warm) knit, add some ankle boots =  the perfect autumn outfit!(Ok so the weather has definitely gotten to me...) 


I don´t usually wear a lot of belts, but I want to and after discovering these belts on the Free People website I think I will. Belts are such an easy and fun way to accessorize and break up a simple outfit. If I were to have either of these two (or both!) I would wear them all the time like the most precious jewellery!

Navi hip belt  

Now, who wants to take me shopping?



Music on a Monday : Cups

I really love this song, especially the lyrics. Anna Kendrick has such a sweet soothing voice. Definitely my new favorite song!

Have a great day !



Weekend dressing: pretty casual

This weekend will be spent at work, so this weekend´s dream outfit is a casual pretty one  meant for a take out run after work or a cosy evening visit to a cafe. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.




Foodie Friday : Summer lovin

I can be very picky when it comes to desserts, after all they are my passion. In the winter I tend to go for comfort foods: warm chocolate cakes and apple pies, basically any creamy, chocolatey dessert. But in the summer months I usually go for lighter, fruit based desserts that go perfectly with the weather (although the weather hasn´t been especially summery here in Iceland) as welas most of the fruits used are in season.


On my vacation in England this spring I ate at Prét a manger,a British fast food chain with healthy, locally sourced ingredients (it´s a shame I don´t live in England , but I would consider moving there for the amazing fresh food at Prét alone). One fateful lunchtime I decided to grab a lemon cheesecake for dessert. The result was  one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. Ever since I have not been able to stop thinking about it and considering ways how I could recreate this wonderful flavor feast in my own kitchen. Finally I´ve found a  recipe that might come close to what I tasted at Prét, although I would trade in the graham crackers for gingersnap cookies to get an extra special flavor. I´m keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. I need this cheesecake in my life!


 David Lebovitz´s blog is one of the few that I follow religiously. I love his recipes and the tales of life in Paris ( where I too wish I would live). His recipe for the  Cherry mess  is exactly how I would envision a summer dessert.  His take on this British dessert  recipe includes beautiful cherries, meringue pieces, whipped cream and candied almonds. Sounds dangerously good. I think this dessert would be good with a little amaretto poured over it, to make it extra special. 

Another one of his summery recipes I´ve been wanting to try for a while now is the Grapefruit Campari sorbet.  Campari is my all time favorite drink so any dessert (or drink) involving Campari wins me over.  


At my first job, one of the finest bakeries in Reykjavík, I remember that every summer we would sell these adorable (and yummy) strawberry tartlets, just like I used to eat in in my grandparents backyard in France, after we had all shared a good meal. Having fond memories connected to this fine dessert I would have to say that this is my favorite summer dessert and I will definitely be making my variation of these at some point this summer!

Have a great weekend, hopefully the sun will come out wherever you are



Summer reading

 There are few things  greater than reading a good book. To me a book is like an airplane ticket to freedom. Because a really good story has endless possibilities of adventure. I love a story I can fully and wholeheartedly immerse myself in and be swept of my feet into an adventure. That´s why summer is my favorite season of the year since I have time to read the books that I want. Here are a few that I want to finish by the end of summer. ..

1. What I did on my holiday

Read about it on Amazon and it looks like a funny one

2. Death comes to Pemberley 

I am a sucker for anything Jane Austen, although this book is only inspired by her novel Pride and prejudice, written by P.D. James 

3.Lean in 

Usually I´m not all that interested in self help books, but I am kind of excited about reading this one!

4. A moveable feast 

I am beginning to like Hemingway more and more. His stories intrigue me, especially this one which is supposedly based on his time spent in Paris ( We all know how much I  LOVE Paris!)

I had to add this quote from the book about aforementioned beloved city:  

Have a great day!



Music on a monday: Old skin

This song to me is perfect for a Monday morning, so hauntingly beautiful! I think Arnór´s voice is so beautiful and to me this song represents such raw emotion. Hope you like it as much as I do

Happy Monday everyone!



weekend dressing : edgy

This is my dream outfit this weekend. 
This white dress from Topshop is so pretty. The studded sneakers make it less fancy and the printed leather jacket gives the look some edge. Lovin it!

Have a great Saturday!



Foodie Friday: gin and tonic cake

Last Friday I made this recipe for a gin and tonic cake for a friend´s birthday. It was only fitting since it is her favorite drink. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous making this cake,  worried that it would be too boozy since there is gin in the cake itself, the glaze and the frosting. 
In the end I could not have been happier with the result, a slightly boozy (and delicious) gin and tonic cake. 

here is the lovely  picture that came with the recipe...


.....and this is mine(a slightly less styled photo, as you can see) 

Have a great weekend!



Five DIY ideas I want to try

1. I really want to make this transparent rain cape, because as much as I looove a beautiful coat - sometimes I want to be able to show what I am wearing ( especially when I have taken the time to carefully select an outfit) and skipping a jacket or coat is rarely an option here in Iceland.  Here below you can see Geneva of A pair and a spare wearing her brilliant creation 

2.  I´ve also been obsessed with bejewelled sunglasses this summer, like the ones from Dolce & Gabbana....

Fortunately I found a pretty (and less pricey) pair on ASOS this spring, but I am very excited to try this diy by Honestly WTF.
Yoy can never have too many sunglasses! 

 See! You can hardly tell the difference between DIY and D&G!

 3. Another D&G inspired DIY I want to try is this lovely tiara , or headband. Here you can see the original by D&G...

...and here is the DIY by HonestlyWTF

Pretty, right? I would wear this beautiful statement piece to perk up an everyday outfit( Or pretend to be a queen).

These next DIY are for the home, since I love love love to decorate my apartment with pretty things (not as good with making them myself though).

4. This clay jewellery dish  would make the perfect gift for someone, or for spare change.

5. These cool decorated glasses would light up any dinner party. Want to try making these, as I love pretty glasses and tableware. It just makes eating so much more fun than it already is!

Have a great day !



Foodie Friday: My Reykjavik places

 Reykjavík is the love of my life....
 This is where most of my childhood memories have taken place. This is where I have loved and lost and most of all, lived for the greater part of my life.
 Yet the main reason why I love Reykjavík is that it never ceases to amaze and fascinate me. What I love the most about this city is that despite being small it is bursting with opportunities and fun things to see and do. Here are some of my favorite foodie places in Reykjavík...


photo link

 Fairly new in town. Open from 7 am each morning (which is why I love them) Lemon is a juice bar that serves fairly good coffee as well. For me, this usually means I can grab a coffee and some porridge en route to work in the mornings (a great, and more satisfying alternative to the "instead of breakfast" granola bar).


photo link

Sandholt is one of the oldest bakeries in Iceland. Family run from the start, this charming bakery has always been close to my heart. I worked there for some time and this is where I discovered my passion for well made, good food from quality ingredients. Their sourdough breads are amazing and the mango coconut cake is a treat not to be missed. Also give the handmade chocolates a try! 


Frú Lauga  

photo link

A lovely farmers market in the city center, on  Óðinsgata, right off of Skólavörðustígur. I can completely lose track of time in there and more often than not emerge with bags filled with goodies. I love the atmosphere in this little shop, almost like stepping into a time machine that takes you to a simpler time. Fresh, locally grown produce is their main focus, although there are some imported gems to be discovered, such as Amedei chocolate, olive oil and fruit from Sicily and England. I go there during the summer to get my dose of fresh, Icelandic rasberries. 


photo link

My all time favorite restaurant in Reykjavík, I have yet to be disappointed by Sjávargrillið. Fresh fish, great atmosphere and friendly service. My fail safe pick for a fun and delicious dinner out.

Happy weekend, 

- A

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