Belt it!

Hi guys
I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too.
I absolutely  love belts and I wear them with absolutely everything: over  skirts, sweaters and dresses... A couple weeks ago I had a cozy lazy evening with my family, good food and good television which ended with a little imaginary shopping online. Checked ASOS and realized, that in addition to stocking beautiful clothes and shoes they have amazing accessories and especially belts.Here are some pretty ones I found:

Love love love this last one, and the multi buckle belt!  Maybe I´ll add them to my birthday  wish list. 

- A 


Merry Christmas

 Hi guys,

I wish you all a happy Christmas spent in good company with friends and family.  I will be spending Christmas Eve with my lovely family eating dad's wonderful Christmas dinner.

All the best



About Face

Happy Friday you guys!

Life couldn´t  be better right now, no more exams, Christmas is almost here, and I am now a redhead. So psyched about my new haircolour!. I will be celebrating a friend´s birthday tonight and working tomorrow and Sunday, so this weekend will be a good mix of work and play.
I am getting more and more interested in fashion films and films that tell the story of people that have had something to do with the fashion industry after seeing Coco before Chanel.
Just saw a trailer for a new film today called About Face.
About Face is a documentary about models and age. The ever present pressure of looking young as a model.  The trailer looks promising and I will definitely add  this film to my list of must see fashion films.

Happy weekend you guys!!

- A


three times the charm


I'm back and finally have a little vacation around Christmas.  I have really been looking forward to the holiday season. For the next week or so leading up to Christmas I am going to enjoy not having to do anything at all except watch a bunch of christmas movies, bake and catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while. As much as I love Christmas, I have to say my absolute favourite time of year is New Year´s Eve. There is just something about this one night, the last night of the year that is absolutely magical. I  even start planning my New Year´s before I even begin to think of Christmas ( seriously, I already have my outfit planned!).   These gorgeous dresses by Gucci are something I don´t think I could say no to for the New Year´s Eve festivities.

Camilla Belle

Evan Rachel Wood 

Zoe Saldana

All three dresses are stunning! Gucci must be doing something right.
I have to say the first dress is my favourite.

Until next time

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Music on a monday : Gotye

Hello everyone,

 I might dissapear off the blog for the next week, studying like crazy for my final exam in chemistry but I promise to be back next week with some fun blog posts. For now I am going to post the usual monday song. This time it is  Gotye with  the song smoke and mirrors. I really like him, he reminds me of Peter Gabriel.

Have a great week everyone !


Simple things

I can´t believe it´s already December!
 Incredible how time has flown by.  Here in Reykjavík we have the most perfect Christmas weather! White snow  that covers every surface and a lot of people have already put up Christmas lights. Downtown Reykjavík looks so beautiful  with lights everywhere and I can´t help but to get in a little bit of a Christmas- y mood.

Simple things making me happy this week :

  • Knowing that after Christmas finals comes Christmas vacation.  The last couple of weeks have been completely crazy with school assignments.  I am so happy that this is finally almost over. I can´t wait until I´ve finished my exams and have time to enjoy the holiday season. In my family we have tons of little traditions and little things we do together in December, that make the Christmas season extra special.

The main square in Reykjavík right before Christmas

  • Rediscovering my wardrobe  I am a bit of a shopaholic,  therefore I have a lot of clothes that tend to get "lost" in my closet. I love going through my closet and rediscovering things that I haven´t worn in a while and scoring a "new" outfit.

  • Hot chocolate  Winter being the perfect  time to snuggle up with a cup of something warm I have become a little obessed with trying different variations to the classic hot chocolate. peppermint cocoa anyone?

  • The Christmas fleamarket on Saturday at Hitt Húsið from 13 - 16. So for my Icelandic readers: be there! It should be fun

Have good weekend everyone
- x
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