Culture night

Hello there,

Just got back home yesterday, after a wonderful and relaxing week  with family in France.
Now I have an exciting weekend ahead of me  as tomorrow is culture night here in Reykjavík.
Culture night , or Menningarnótt as it is called in Iceland is a full day packed with art related events ending with a fireworks display in the evening, right before midnight. There will be concerts, art exhibitions and a couple of outdoor ( and indoors) fleamarkets that I know of.
I will likely be participating in a fleamarket at Faktory bar from 13 - 17, so if anyone is looking for new clothes, I can promise that I have some juicy stuff I´m  looking to get rid off !
Tomorrow is also the official inauguration of Harpa, the new conference and concert center.
Have a happy Culture night in Reykjavík guys. I´ll post pics from Paris after the weekend 

Happy weekend!


P.S. If you´re in Reykjavík for Culture night I reccomend that you check out unseen and unheard in the Nordic house from 17 - 19. My friend Katrín Braga will be showcasing a video project collaboration between her and Rakel, the singer of icelandic band Útidúr.


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