Spoken word.

I love spoken word poetry. I love stories. I love how certain words and the way they are spoken have the power to move and inspire us. Here are three of my favorite spoken word poems. 

When love arrives -  Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye
This poem is about how the expectations of love don´t always match up to the reality of it. Very sweet. 

 If I should have a daughter - Sarah Kay 
I just love this one. There are no words to describe it better.

To this day - Steve Koyczan 
This one is very close to my heart.I was bullied as a child so I can relate to most of these emotions. I know that all those horrible words that were thrown at me are not true. They will never be true. Also, but most importantly I know that I deserve to be happy, just like anybody else. 

Have a great day!


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