Foodie friday: Comfort food

Now that fall is here, I feel myself being increasingly drawn to comfort food. With the dropping temperatures there are few things I  can think of that I love more than being cosy and warm inside with good food and of course, good friends. Here are some of my favorite comfort foods to get me through the season: 

Ice cream
I love Ben and Jerry´s and Haagen Dazs. Unfortunately they are extremely pricey here in Iceland, plus they are so dangerously good so they are saved for special occasions. My all time favorite ice cream though is a white Toblerone - rasberry ice cream which I try not to make too often....as much as I love food I  do want to fit into my clothes.  


French food 
 I really love french cooking, as well as the role food plays in the french day to day life. Food is very important and the french respect the integrity of their ingredients when cooking. Croissants, cheeses, pastries, patés.. if it´s french it´s bound to be delicious.

Italians know their comfort food. There is something so incredibly comforting about a large bowl of pasta on a cold winter´s day. My ultimate comfort food

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate can make everything and anything better. Enough said!

Have a great weekend! 

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