Marché Saint Leu - Saint Leu farmer´s market

Every time we go to France , we try to visit the farmers market in the next village over at least once, You could say it´s a little tradition of the family. This is probably one of the most fun things I do on vacation, as  there isn´t a farmers market in Iceland ( at least not one that compares to the markets in France and Europe).

We got up early on a saturday morning, got in the car and drove for about  half an hour to get to Saint Leu.
The Saint Leu market is mostly an indoor market, except for the farmers selling fresh flowers by the entrance.
You can  find  all kinds of produce from around the neigbouring areas : cheeses, fruit , vegetables, fish, meat to name a few things.
 Usually, August in France is a very quiet month, as many locals are off on vacation, and some companies even  close for the whole month, so that their staff can have summer vacation .
Therefore that were not as many merchants as usually that day, but we still left happy with a full basket of goodies for lunch.

Very, very harsh and bright lighting ,The  nectarines look amazing though !

The "poissonier" ( fish merchant)  answered all questions very professionally.

shallots, garlic and potatoes

in line at the butcher´s stand

yummy goat´s cheeses. My favourite!

How wonderfully mouthwatering is the walnut covered goat´s cheese?

Grandfather using his years of expertise to choose the perfect cheese for lunch

Fresh fruit and veggies ( the strawberries were amazing!)

 I want to go back right now when I look at these !

- A

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