Sunday in the rain

Fall has definitely arrived here in Iceland. At least the weather is giving us a reminder of what is to come.
 I woke up this morning to the sound of the strong wind and the rain hitting my windows, and it really feels like the first fall day, weather wise.
The best thing about this kind of weather is when you don´t have to go outside.  Just being able to spend the whole day indoors, curling  up with a book and some music,  or watching  a movie.  I usually use these kind of days to do things I feel less motivated to do when the weather is nice, like cleaning out old things that do nothing but take up much needed space.
But my absolute favourite thing to do when the weather is like this is to bake, even though I don´t do it nearly as often as I´d like to.
I find it very calming, not having to focus on anything other than the recipe and the baking process. 
And  doesn´t  it make things just a little more special to have a freshly baked cake and a hot drink to go along with your book or movie ? I think so.

the perfect rainy day song
A cover of the Arcade Fire song Rebellion sung by Benjamin  Francis Leftwich ( he´s coming to Iceland Airwaves! can´t wait!)

I hope everyone has a great week


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