Countdown to Airwaves: International artists part 1

So first off,  I am thrilled to tell you that the blog has just reached a thousand pageviews!!  I am very thankful for your attention and I would love it if you guys could leave me some comments on what you want to see more of here on Allt í einu.
As today it is exactly a month until the first day of Iceland Airwaves I thought I ´d better get on with the countdown. In this post, I want to bring your attention to several of the international artists this year that sound promising. Now one of the things that I absolutely love about Iceland Airwaves   is discovering new artists , both icelandic and international. Last year in the weeks leading up to the festival I went through the entire list of artists to figure out what I wanted to see during the festival, and found many new favourites.
This year will be no different, and I have started working my way through the list for this year´s performers.

First up is Totally enormous extinct dinosaurs
The man behind Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is Englishman Orlando Higginbottom from Oxford. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs  play dance music, and the song Garden that was released in summer 2010  is what drew international attention and put Orlando smack in the middle of the well deserved spotlight.

Can´t wait to dance to this in just a month!!!

Austra is another band I´m excited to see as I´ve heard nothing but good things about them, and what I have heard from them I absolutely love! I especially like their song Lose it.
The band is from Canada and it  is trio  Dorian Wolf, Maya Postepski and Katie Stelmanis that make up the band.  I really really hope to see them live during Iceland Airwaves.

     I absolutely have to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich perform!  He has the most beautiful, haunting voice
     and I find his songs incredibly soothing, like a warm blanket and a cup of tea on a cold, windy day.
     Pictures is my favourite song by him .

Clock Opera   is a band from England that sounds very promising, I really like their sound from what I´ve heard so far and  apparently they are releasing a debut album in 2012, so if you like them, keep an eye out  for their album next year !

I really like this song! 

Now this is just an example of the many exciting artists that will be taking part in Iceland Airwaves 2011. I have many more I would like to show you , but that will have to wait for a better time , as I hear my school work crying out for attention.

Until next time


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