fur, lace and leather

   Three different textures and materials I am obsessed with right now,  For example this summer I loved pairing a lace top with a maxi or knee length skirt, but now as the weather is getting colder I think I will have to find another way to work lace pieces into my wardrobe. For this winter I got very lucky when I found the most perfect brown faux fur coat at a market   for just 1500  icelandic kronur, which is nothing!. Now I just need a new leather jacket to replace my beloved, worn in  topshop leather jacket that got stolen last spring ( I am still heartbroken). Here are some pieces I would not object to dressing up in this winter:

I love this navy coloured trench coat from Topshop, and the leather sleeves really toughen it up a bit.  

This one is also lovely, and also from Topshop. Unfortunatly I don´t think it would be warm enough for the icelandic winter ( and the navy coat is prettier)

These lace over the knee socks will be my dose of lace for the winter, and are probably warmer than  a lace top. I think they would look cool worn over black or burgundy tights.

My coat is a bit similar to this one, if you count out the belt.

These  leather pants from Topshop could be the perfect way to work a bit of rock chick into my look. I know I would use them a lot.

So , which piece is your favourite ?

All my love


  1. Ég veit ! :D love love love it , vonandi kemur hann í búðir Topshop hér á Íslandi

  2. Báðir jakkarnir með leðrinu eru sjúklega flottir!

  3. Já Sunna ég er búin að vera slefa yfir þeim síðan ég sá þá fyrst á topshop.com - bláa kápan virkar bara "vetrarlegri" :)


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