Countdown to Airwaves : GusGus

 It´s official - Iceland Airwaves 2011 is sold out! they just announced it yesterday. I still have a couple of friends that need a ticket, so if you know anyone who' s selling their tickets please contact me :)
This year, GusGus is one of my must see performances. They realeased  a new album, titled Arabian horse earlier this year , featuring  Högni Egilsson from icelandic band Hjaltalin ( he has one of the most wonderful voice I have ever heard, great musician). I actually just recently started listening to this band, after hearing a couple tracks from the new album. Still  the members of Gusgus are no rookies in music, but the band was founded in 1995 and have released 9 albums up until now.
Really can´t wait to see them live in october!!!

the band- along with Högni Egilsson( top left)

the album cover of the new album

Over - from their new album 


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