Summer reading

 There are few things  greater than reading a good book. To me a book is like an airplane ticket to freedom. Because a really good story has endless possibilities of adventure. I love a story I can fully and wholeheartedly immerse myself in and be swept of my feet into an adventure. That´s why summer is my favorite season of the year since I have time to read the books that I want. Here are a few that I want to finish by the end of summer. ..

1. What I did on my holiday

Read about it on Amazon and it looks like a funny one

2. Death comes to Pemberley 

I am a sucker for anything Jane Austen, although this book is only inspired by her novel Pride and prejudice, written by P.D. James 

3.Lean in 

Usually I´m not all that interested in self help books, but I am kind of excited about reading this one!

4. A moveable feast 

I am beginning to like Hemingway more and more. His stories intrigue me, especially this one which is supposedly based on his time spent in Paris ( We all know how much I  LOVE Paris!)

I had to add this quote from the book about aforementioned beloved city:  

Have a great day!


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