Foodie Friday: My Reykjavik places

 Reykjavík is the love of my life....
 This is where most of my childhood memories have taken place. This is where I have loved and lost and most of all, lived for the greater part of my life.
 Yet the main reason why I love Reykjavík is that it never ceases to amaze and fascinate me. What I love the most about this city is that despite being small it is bursting with opportunities and fun things to see and do. Here are some of my favorite foodie places in Reykjavík...


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 Fairly new in town. Open from 7 am each morning (which is why I love them) Lemon is a juice bar that serves fairly good coffee as well. For me, this usually means I can grab a coffee and some porridge en route to work in the mornings (a great, and more satisfying alternative to the "instead of breakfast" granola bar).


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Sandholt is one of the oldest bakeries in Iceland. Family run from the start, this charming bakery has always been close to my heart. I worked there for some time and this is where I discovered my passion for well made, good food from quality ingredients. Their sourdough breads are amazing and the mango coconut cake is a treat not to be missed. Also give the handmade chocolates a try! 


Frú Lauga  

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A lovely farmers market in the city center, on  Óðinsgata, right off of Skólavörðustígur. I can completely lose track of time in there and more often than not emerge with bags filled with goodies. I love the atmosphere in this little shop, almost like stepping into a time machine that takes you to a simpler time. Fresh, locally grown produce is their main focus, although there are some imported gems to be discovered, such as Amedei chocolate, olive oil and fruit from Sicily and England. I go there during the summer to get my dose of fresh, Icelandic rasberries. 


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My all time favorite restaurant in Reykjavík, I have yet to be disappointed by Sjávargrillið. Fresh fish, great atmosphere and friendly service. My fail safe pick for a fun and delicious dinner out.

Happy weekend, 

- A

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