Five DIY ideas I want to try

1. I really want to make this transparent rain cape, because as much as I looove a beautiful coat - sometimes I want to be able to show what I am wearing ( especially when I have taken the time to carefully select an outfit) and skipping a jacket or coat is rarely an option here in Iceland.  Here below you can see Geneva of A pair and a spare wearing her brilliant creation 

2.  I´ve also been obsessed with bejewelled sunglasses this summer, like the ones from Dolce & Gabbana....

Fortunately I found a pretty (and less pricey) pair on ASOS this spring, but I am very excited to try this diy by Honestly WTF.
Yoy can never have too many sunglasses! 

 See! You can hardly tell the difference between DIY and D&G!

 3. Another D&G inspired DIY I want to try is this lovely tiara , or headband. Here you can see the original by D&G...

...and here is the DIY by HonestlyWTF

Pretty, right? I would wear this beautiful statement piece to perk up an everyday outfit( Or pretend to be a queen).

These next DIY are for the home, since I love love love to decorate my apartment with pretty things (not as good with making them myself though).

4. This clay jewellery dish  would make the perfect gift for someone, or for spare change.

5. These cool decorated glasses would light up any dinner party. Want to try making these, as I love pretty glasses and tableware. It just makes eating so much more fun than it already is!

Have a great day !


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