Oh Paris! 
I´m researching places to do an exchange semester next year and keep coming back to the same place. Paris,my absolute favorite place in the entire world. There are few other places in the world where I feel as inspired, happy and peaceful.  The city of love. The city of good food and fashion. I never ever tire of Paris, I wish I would never have to leave. I would love to spend the rest of my days (or at least a couple months) taking strolls through the city with a café au lait and a croissant in hand, going to the Louvre every weekend and hanging out at jazz clubs. 

I miss the macarons. You can get good macarons here in Iceland but there is nothing like the real thing .....

I miss the amazing bread. The bread at Sandholt bakery here in Reykjavík is a close second. 

The cheeses. Cheese is one of my favourite foods, especially french cheeses, the goat´s cheese, Fourme D´ambert, brie......Oh mon dieu!! 

I miss the wonderful atmosphere, which is only to be found in my beloved Paris, the comfort I get from walking through the exhibits at the Louvre in peace and quiet. Finally I really, really miss my wonderful family and I am hoping to see them this summer. I dream away to Paris at least once a day, there are so many wonderful things there and I have so many wonderful memories bound to Paris. Paris mon amour.


Oh my! I think it might be time to take a look at flights! 
I regularly read the Cherry blossom girl blog, she is a french blogger and the other day I saw a photo of her wearing this suit: 

It´s a Paris suit! The print is a street map of the city. I absolutely must have it! Then I can wear my heart on my sleeve, for real. Unfortunately it´s a little bit outside my budget. 

Guess I´d better start saving up!!

Have a great day


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