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Today, March 20th has been declared International happiness day by the United Nations. This is the world´s first international happiness day. I think this is such a wonderful idea. There are so many difficult things in life, and the world media almost exclusively brings us news of the horrible, sad things that are happening around the world. Therefor it is wonderful to be able to take a moment and even better to have a whole day to focus on the good things. The things that make us happy. 
Happiness to me is in the little things. The silver linings. You can always draw something positive out of every situation. Even if it is just something very small. I just have to believe it. 

so to honor this day, here are a few things making me happy these days....

......   The end of winter. It is such an amazing feeling being up at 8 am and the sun is already up. which leads me to the next one..

....being finally able to use sunglasses, not only do they shield my eyes from the sun but I somehow feel instantly more beautiful when I wear them.

.... floral dresses. 

......My wonderful friends. Meeting up for lunch or coffee instantly makes an ordinary day feel special. 

.......thoughts of summer. Having something to look forward to can bring you happiness. I look forward to summer. To the end of the school year. I look forward to long summer days. And I really look forward to my vacation in Greece and seeing my family in France. And that makes me happy. 

Have a very happy day



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