Foodie Friday: 5 favorite foodie spots in Reykjavík

Hey guys, 

This Foodie Friday I will share with you my favorite foodie spots in Reykjavík: 

1. Vínberið 

This the only chocolate shop in Reykjavík selling chocolates and candy from all over the world. This charming little shop has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. Across the street is the Sandholt bakery, which is also one of my favorites. It is a family owned bakery with wonderful breads, cakes and handmade chocolates. 

2. Frú Lauga 

A kind of a farmer´s market in Reykjavík. They sell local produce  and regularly they import Italian blood oranges among other fruit and greens.

3. Piccolo Italia
 The best Italian restaurant in Reykjavík! A great lunch spot and I am a frequent visitor there. Wonderful food with honest ingredients. The flavors take you all the way to Italy in one bite.  

4. Litli bóndabærinn

Wonderful little organic cafe and the staff are always so warm and nice. One of the best places for coffee in Reykjavík. They also serve up some amazing British pies. 

5. Búrið - Fromagerie 

This one is a little way outside the city center but sooo worth it. Cheese shop, with a wide variety of both local and imported cheeses. You will also find organic honey, organic Icelandic ice cream and Italian salami among other things. 

Have a great weekend!


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