Hey guys,

My favourite event of the year is coming up!
 Iceland Airwaves starts in less than a month, October 31st to the 4th of November the streets of Reykjavík will once again be filled with music lovers, artists, photographers and journalists alike.I really love the unique atmosphere the festival brings with it. To me this is (almost) more exciting than Christmas. Last year I did a countdown, a series of posts where I introduced you guys to some interesting artists coming to play at the festival. I am going to try to do something similar this year.
The first artist that I really look forward to seeing live is native Ásgeir Trausti. He is twenty year old and sings in icelandic.Ásgeir is quite knew to the scene here in Iceland, if I remember correctly he was discovered just last winter and already he has become wildly popular among Icelanders. His first album was released in september and sold out very quickly. He is a must see for me at the festival because I really enjoy his soothing, calm voice and  his songs are very beautiful. Here below is one of  his song Dýrð í dauðaþögn (Glory in silence). Make sure you also check out my favourite song,  Leyndarmál.

How many of you are going to Airwaves this year?

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