Hi guys, 

Blogging really hasn´t been working out for me lately,  as I´ve been swamped with school work and other things. This outfit really makes me think of Paris, for some reason I am really obsessed with Paris these days, I guess it´s just because I miss it and I miss my family. I am determined to go to Paris this year, whether it be this summer or in the fall. Anyways I think this outfit is perfect for strolling along the streets of Paris (just add a beret and some red lipstick!), or just for Saturday night drinks. I like the Paris idea better.....

This jacket would really make the outfit for me, I can just picture myself wearing all this (and don´t forget the beret) walking along the Seine or at a café sipping coffee.

All the items above are from Topshop ( Yes, it´s not just Paris I´m obsessed with) 

Have a great weekend!


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