Foodie Friday: My favorite food bloggers


Hi guys, 
This Friday I have a list for you over my four favorite food bloggers. I reccomend you add the to your blog list. 

Living the sweet life in Paris, i love reading his posts and dream myself away to Paris. Who knows? maybe one day I will be living the sweet life in Paris myself. Maybe I´ll by the book and live the sweet Parisian life here in Iceland. 

All the recipes are so yummy ( although I have yet to try them) and the accompanying photos are really beautiful. 

A lot of interesting recipes like for example pickle fries and vegan muffins. I really should get around to trying those out.

An icelandic blogger. I love her blog posts. She is so positive. I especially love all the cupcake recipes she posts. Tried baking a recipe for Cheesecake cupcakes once that turned out great. 

Have a great weekend! 

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