Foodie Friday: foodie movies

Hi guys, 
I have decided to devote Fridays to food. I love everything about food and cooking  so this is going to be a lot of fun, I hope you will enjoy it too. I´m going to kick things off with my five favorite foodie movies.


My all time favorite movie. Saw it for the first time when I was ten years old. I have watched it countless times since then and have yet to tire of it. Such a wonderful film and of course the very handsome Johnny Depp is a welcome bonus.


Such a funny, cute movie, and any movie that happens in Paris is set to become a favorie of mine. 

Babette´s gæstebud

I saw this danish film in school some years ago and wasn ´t really interested in it. It wasn´t until recently that I saw it on television that I really truly enjoyed it. This is a moving story with some interesting character, and very interesting food!

julie and julia

I read the book tha Julie Powell wrote, prior to the film release . I enjoyed following along as she cooked her way through Julia Child´s famous book, Mastering the art of french cooking. It gave me the inspiration to do the same thing (although I have yet to start), after all: being half french I kind of have to...

Simply irresistible 

This one is also an old favorite of mine. Food becomes magic. Just my kind of thing. 

Have a great weekend !


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