Hey guys, 

I have never been very good at following through with New years resolutions. On New Year´s Eve I get very motivated and inspired but nothing really ever happens after that. Then I spent a considerably large amount of time feeling guilty, when I realize I wont be able to cross everything off my list before the year ends. I read a blog post over at one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and cashmere that touches on this subject. There Emily writes about her own resolutions and how New Year´s resolutions don´t have to be huge, seemingly inachievable ones. Sometimes   it´s better to focus on the little things that count and lead you along the path to reaching the big goals. After all isn´t  beauty in the details? I think that those who truly enjoy life, are those that find happiness in the little things of everyday life. Therefore my New Year´s resolution is to enjoy the little things, be more positive and to make an effort to be truly happy.

 Here are some the things I plan on doing to enrich my life before the year´s end:

  • Go to the theater more often. 
  • Fill a jar with with written notes, about one good thing that happens each day of this year. 
  • Read more books 
  • Spend more time with my mom 
  • Spend quality time with my friends and family
  • Take salsa dancing lessons 
  • Visit friends that live abroad
  • Exercise more frequently 
  • Get better at speaking french 
  • Talk more often with my family in France 
  • Skype with friends that live abroad
  • Bake more(need to try all those recipe books I have at some point) 
  • Take more photos 
  • Have friends over more often
  • Plan dinner parties
.....And then I will add more little things that make me happy as time goes along. I have some big resolutions as well but I will let this be a start and share them with you later. Baby steps. 

Have a great day!


P.S. Please do check out Emily´s blog cupcakes and cashmere. You won´t be disappointed!

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