Hi guys, 
Im not very much of a basics person, my wardrobe contains primarily loud eye catching pieces and even my basics have some sort of twist ( black velvet pants anyone? I live in mine these days - So comfy but still looks pulled together), but here is a list of what I think are must have basics:

1. basic trench coat

Because it goes with anything and adds instant polish to any outfit. I have one with leather sleeves that I use a lot during the summer.

2. black  trousers   

I usually never wear trousers. Im more of a skirts and dresses kind of girl. But I live in Iceland and therefore I have to be realistic. My favourite pair ( which I consider to be a basic in my wardrobe) are these wonderful velvet pants.

3. Nude pumps 

This is the exact pair that I have. They are so ladylike and I love to pair them with navy blue items in my wardrobe ( of that, I have plenty) 

4. Red lipstick 

One swipe of fiery red lipstick can fix anything. My ultimate life saver!

4.A blazer 

I love blazer jackets. They work with anything and make any outfit more sophisticated. 

5. ballet flats

I am a heels girl at heart, but in some circumstances a pretty flat shoe is essential ( travelling etc.) 

6.pretty ( and matching) underwear 

In my opinion, pretty underwear is an essential basic and important to any outfit. Even though nobody will see it, it adds confidence.

7. a kickass pair of sunglasses 

Instantly makes you cooler and paired with red lipstick, it´s all I need to feel good about myself!

8. a nice perfume 

I think the perfume you wear is just as personal as your handwriting. I wear perfume everyday, and even different according to what mood I´m in.

Have a great day

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