Hey guys!
It´s my Birthday today! Can´t wait to spend it with my family.  
 In December I decided to hop on the Apple bandwagon and get an Iphone  (maybe also due to peer pressure as most of my friends had all gotten one and having so much fun with their instagram,foursquare and all the different apps...so I got a little curious to see what all the fuss was about) . I got and older model, the 3S and I am very pleased, the phone has served me well and I think it´s just as nice as the newer models (that I have gotten to try for myself). Anyways I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my first snapshots from Instagram. I´m hooked!


  1.          Christmas lights outside my parents house
  2.  My lovely sister and father out at dinner for his birthday 
  3.   A cool book I found - astrology for the shoe addict 
  4.   My kind of fashion - love this feature in the December edition of Glamour. 
  5.  Love this pretty green outfit, perfect to brighten up a dull winter´s day 
  6.  Walked past the frozen pond in early december where a hockey practice was taking place. I love Reykjavík!
  7.  My dear friend Sigga, striking a pose
  8.  My sister and I getting excited over the Christmas wrapping paper. 
  9. Me, my mother and sister on New Years eve 

And last but not least.....

.... A photo I took monday morning when the sun was coming up, first time I have been awake this early in a month! I am really embracing the fact that life is finally back in it´s usual routine after the holiday festivities.

Have a great day!

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