Foodie friday: My foodie wishlist

Food is a huge part of my life, it is one of the things that bring me the most joy in life. I love how a good meal can bring a family together and create wonderful memories. I love the comfort food can bring, whether it is a deliciously warm soup on a cold  winter´s night or a refreshing ice cream on a warm summer's day. Maybe it has something to do with my french heritage, but I am always happiest when I am in the kitchen. Therefor I felt it was time for me to share some of the things on my foodie wish list with you guys.

Best foodie book ever
Saw this one at the bookstore the other day.
Really want to buy myself this book.. and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

A subscription to Jamie Oliver´s magazine.
I always browse through his magazine when I stop by Eymundsson´s for a coffee. Perfect British comfort food recipes

A Kitchen Aid mixer
This has been my dream for some years now, preferably in a funky colour.

Any book by Nigella Lawson
Or all her books, don´t think I would be able to pick just one. I used to watch her cooking shows all the time. I love her!  

A trip to Paris 
Paris is my all time favourite city, it feels like a second home to me. I could spend days browsing through the Fauchon gourmet shop, stuffing my face with croissants and macarons, packing a picnic consisting of cheeses, bread and fresh summer berries to spend the day at a beautiful park and last but not least my absolutely favourite thing to do in my beloved Paris is to sit down at a café and people watch with my Café au lait. Oh boy! I think it´´s time to go "home"

have a great weekend!

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