In the middle of August I went on my first ( and last) camping trip of the summer.  We packed up the car and headed for Hólar in Hjaltadalur, my favourite spot from my childhood camping trips. From there we went sightseeing around the surrounding area.
Hólmavík was the first stop, to try out their new, super luxe swimming pool (given to the Hólmavík community by a couple of local artists) and have a look around.
Next up we visited Siglufjörður,  where I discovered that my great grandmother became a part of history when she worked there during the herring adventure. The herring adventure is an important part of Icelandic history as fishery has been a vital part of the nation´s income from the start.
I had a great time walking through the herring era museum, and delighted to learn a little more about my family heritage. This trip was a wonderful way to relax after a hectic summer at work, and I never tire of travelling this beautiful country.
Hofsós museum


My father, taking in the village of Hofsós
The harbour in Siglufjörður
This is just a preview, I will post more photos soon!

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