I want to get away..

I don´t know why but come fall I always start craving a getaway from everyday life.
 It just  seems stupid to me to leave Iceland during those precious few months when we actually have daylight, so my ideal summer is spent traveling around my beautiful country as much as possible. However my ideal fall/winter would be spent traveling to interesting cities and faraway beaches(preferrably with a cocktail in hand).
 When I start thinking about traveling my mind automatically wanders off to Paris. In my heart Paris is (and always will be) like  my second home and I discover something new each time I go there. Maybe it is because I have family roots in France or maybe this admiration of the city of love is built upon fond memories from my time spent there as a child. No matter the reason I always look forward to going back "home".
Unfortunately I have no trip to Paris planned for the near future, but in a little more than a week I will be in Copenhagen, paying a long overdue visit to some friends. Can´t wait!

A picture from my last trip to Paris - My favourite bakery in Le quartier Latin


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