Weekend road trip - part 1

Hi guys ,
Last weekend we took a little road trip to Grindavík, a little fishing town about 45 minutes from Reykjavík. Every fall the family  goes to watch as the farmers round up their sheep. The sheep in Iceland run free during the whole summer and in the fall they are rounded up and brought in for the winter.

Unfortunatly the roundup was postponed until the next day and we didn´t know until we were already there. So we decided to come back the next day. Instead we took a little roadtrip along the coast of  the Reykjanes peninsula. There are a lot of interesting things to see, for example the bridge between two continents (North America and Eurasia) and Gunnuhver, which is a geothermal hot spot. Gunnuhver received it´s name from an old folk tale, it is supposedly named after an evil woman, Gunna that was terrorising the locals, so she was lured to the hot spring, where she drowned. According to the tale her ghost can be seen roaming around the hot spring, hence the name Gunnuhver.
I love the fact that you don´t have to drive a long way out of the city to see some interesting places and get into nature. It´s one of my favourite things about this country.
I will post the second half of the pictures (from the roundup) later this week.

The pathway to the bridge between two continents.

A little "light" reading on the way

My father (the guide) and sister
Inside the sheep fence
Gunnuhver - geothermal hot spot
Overlooking Gunnuhver - the lighthouse
By the seaside
This is where the N-American and Eurasian plates meet!
Love locks on the bridge between two continents
A map showing Iceland´s position on the two plates

gate to sheep fence

This sign is in the middle of the bridge between two continents



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