Simple things

Life is crazy right now, one month left of school and the assignments and projects keep stacking up. Here are a few things making  me happy this week and helping me keep sane:

tons and tons of candles

I´ve become just a little obsessed with scented candles, and I love the candles from Annick Goutal, a more affordable version of their  luxurious perfumes. Also to me, candles are a very important winter staple to brighten up dark and cosy evenings.

Frida Kahlo

I am doing a school project on her.  She is such an inspiration and her story is amazing , she lived a life filled with passion and suffering. I am amazed at her strength, her passion for life and her colourful character. One of the most fun school related writing I have done in a long time.

El día de los muertos

The mexican equivalent to Halloween. To be honest I find the Día de los muertos  much more interresting, because of what the tradition stands for. The mexicans throw a three day  festival  to commemorate the dead and celebrate life. I can imagine it could be fun to be a tourist in Mexico during el día de los muertos, think that´s something I would like to do.

My black, leopard  print collar coat

My best loved wardrobe item right now. Wear it everyday and it makes simple pants and a sweater feel so fancy! Mine is a bit different from the picture, a vintage coat I got for a bargain last spring. The collar comes a bit further down ( kind of like the lining has been turned up into a collar) no pouf at the shoulders and it has a bit more of an A line skirt to it

James Vincent McMorrow

 His voice is amazing! I especially like his song We don´t eat. I love songs that feel like a big warm blanket and this is one of them.



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    1. Hi,
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