New favourite blog : English muse

Hello to whoever may still be reading this blog. 
I haven´t been a very active blogger as of late ( and I know this is probably about the third time I make excuses for being a lousy blogger) but I promise I have a perfectly good excuse. School has been beyond crazy (Teachers decided to pile all the important assignments and projects into the last three weeks of the term, yay!) and basically a lot of stuff going on. I swear we need  an extra day in the week to be able to finish everything. 
The other day I was browsing through a couple of blogs ( when I should have been studying) and found English muse 
The blog is run by Tina,   a Los Angeles based blogger. She writes about books and  interior design among other things, but my absolute favourite part of the blog are the pretty pretty photos she posts on the blog!

  I think these photos are so pretty and romantic!  Love them. I can sincerely reccomend you to check out this  wonderful blog.

Until next time 


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