Music on a monday : Norah Jones

Monday once again and sorry about my choice of words, but the weather here is really shitty. Woke up this morning to typical  monday morning weather  (we´re talking wind, rain, cold and really really dark. I swear there should be an extra day of weekend, just to be able to ease into a new week.)
Still there is an upside to this. Winter weather is the perfect excuse to just stay indoors, cosy up under tons and tons of blankets,with candles, a good book, listen to music and eat ice cream. The winter always gets me in a very cosy mindset and I hardly ever want to leave the house during the darkest and coldest winter months.
My choices in music this time of year is usually coloured by this.  I really like jazz music and during the winter it´s almost all I listen to.
Norah Jones  for example is a constant favourite of mine . Her songs are so beautiful and her voice is like a warm blanket, perfect for chasing away the winter blues.

So  this Halloween Monday I´m listening to this:

Have a great week everyone !


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