The cold finally beat me. I stayed home sick today as I had lost my voice when I woke up this morning and the pounding headache wasn´t really helping either. Otherwise I´m not complaining, it can be pretty cozy to sleep a little bit longer and actually  have some time to  finish school work ( or watch movies ).
 For the past weeks  I´ve been thinking what I want to do with my hair. I´ve had the same cut and colour for a while now and I would like a change. I love red hair and it´s one hair colour I´ve always wanted to try.
The thing is I don´t want it to look fake, so I´ve gone through magazines and websites dedicated to haircare to try and find the right colour for me before I book an appointment with my hairdresser. I like all three below and Isla´s darkbrownish red would probably be the least risky change, but I have to say that Christina Hendrick´s hair colour is more what I had in mind.
Which one is your favourite?

should I go Florence red?

dark brownish red like Isla fischer?

or Christina Hendricks red? 

you tell me what you think!

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ciao guys


  1. Christina Hendricks segi ég! æðislegur litur.
    Ég er líka rosa hrifin af rauðu hári með örlítið ljósari enda.

  2. úúú já það er góð hugmynd! held ég skelli mér bara út í djúpu laugina og taki Christinu Hendricks á þetta :)

  3. Ég er sammála með Christinu Hendricks.. mig langar sjálfri í þann rauða lit... how and where to get it er nú spurningin :)
    - Sólrún.


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