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 The change in weather between summer and winter here in Iceland can be pretty dramatic, which can affect ones mood. It can be difficult adjusting to the seemingly non stop darkness (seriously,during the winter we hardly even see the sun) after a summer of 24/7 daylight. So now that winter is upon us I feel it´s really important to focus on the little things that bring happiness, because I am only human and the winter weather can of course get to me like everyone else.
Here is my remedy for the winter blues this week:

Excitement for Iceland Airwaves

I can´t believe  Airwaves is only one week away!! good times good times

Good coffee

There are few things in this world better than starting off the day with a great cup of coffee, especially when it  is dark as night outside at 8 am. I love that I can get a great cup of take away coffee from Kaffitár, while waiting to change buses on the way to school. And it is even more lovely to sit down at bookstore/ café Eymundsson, and have time to flip through the latest magazines, for free!
Either way coffee always brightens my mood.


My camera has been on a very long vacation  up until a few weeks ago when I realised how much I miss taking photos. I really like being able to document special events and fun with friends. I used go downtown in the afternoon with my camera and snap pictures of everything and anything! I have to start doing that again ( and I might even show you the results)

My awesome camera - Nikon D60

Of Monsters and men's new album - My head is an animal 

I instantly feel good  listening to this  ( and walk around for the rest of the day with a big stupid grin on my face). It´s really amazing how music can affect your mood.

Baking and discovering new recipes.

I rarely cook or bake during the summer ( unless it´s something really really quick). So when winter comes around so does my favourite hobby. I don´t know what it is, why I only  do it during the winter, I guess it´s comforting, and I love the sense of achievement when you bake something from scratch that turns out great.
Might do a few kitchen posts this winter, will keep you posted

vegetable quiche and chocolate chip brasil nut cookies I baked yesterday. 

I took a longer break from the blog than I had planned , thank you so much for baring with me.


P.S. what makes you guys happy in the winter?

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