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Hi Guys

I  haven´t been very active here on the blog as of late. My excuse  is that the last two weeks have been completely crazy and hectic, in a good way!
I attended the Iceland Airwaves music festival ( also went to see a couple off venue gigs with my dad, he´s determined to join me next year). I had so much fun at Airwaves, indescribable. For me it´s almost as good as Christmas! I loved having so many of my friends there with me to enjoy the festival ( one of them even came specially from Denmark to attend the festival). I saw a lot of  my icelandic favourites performing and discovered new favourites. This is what I love about Iceland Airwaves! You are exposed to music you might not have discovered yourself in the first place!  And you get to meet new people from all over the world! After this years festival I  have a couple of new favourites on my everyday playlist and I can´t wait until next year!
Last thursday I went to see Peter Gabriels  NEW BLOOD concert (in fancy 3D cinema, with dad of course), so you could say that I´ve had a pretty musical couple of weeks, so much fun!
It's just amazing how quickly the time slips away, Im really beginning to understand how important it is to make the most of the time you have.
There are some exciting times ahead... a lot of fun stuff going on.

P.S.  I took a ton of pics at the music festival with a disposable camera ( drunk people + beer + expensive camera = disaster). I´ll have to wait and see how they turn out before I can post them, that is if they are any good.

On my mind right now :

Grilled cheese sandwiches : This is my cooking obsession these days ( along with baking savoury pies as they  are really great for the lunch box) and I have been testing different variations to this tried and true classic. For example I  tested out a grilled cheese with nutella spread, cream cheese and cinnamon yesterday , really really  yummy!
Check out Grilled cheese social for some delicious inspiration.

Corpse Bride ? No? too scary? 

Halloween In spite of this being a very American holiday, it´s growing more popular each year here in Iceland. I actually saw pumpkins for carving at my local grocery store the other day- guess this will be a big thing here in a couple years . I just wish I´d started planning for a costume earlier, as I´ve got places to go and no costume. Any ideas for an original halloween costume?
As I am on a tight budget, I could just get a Hello, my name is.... sticker, wear normal clothes and write what Im supposed to be on the name tag. But I guess that doesn´t count as a costume.

Have a happy and safe halloween weekend everyone !


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