Paris in august

I finally managed to upload the rest of the Paris pictures on my computer(only took me 2 monrhs, yay for me!)  I took a few pictures in the centre of Paris , and of course of my favourite place in the world : the Latin quarter.

Just had to snap a photo of this sign that we found up on the wall in a parking garage- let me tell you, I could´ve gone without the parfum du jour!

Love love love this place " Patisserie du sud tunisien" is a small tunisian bakery in the latin quarter. They display everything in the windows and sell, among other amazing pastries: baklava and honey cake(dripping with gooey sirup) YUM!

As you can see they have a great selection of yummy things!

Almost sunset by the Notre Dame

I like this photo - the last light is kind of crooked, it´s charming.

Street performers in front of Notre Dame, they were pretty good

Eiffel tower at nighttime 

I love Paris and everytime I leave I can´t wait to come back. Such a wonderful place.


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