Hey guys, 
I have always been more of a heels girl when it comes to shoes. In my opinion(along with many other women)when in the right heels and with a little red lipstick a woman can conquer the world. Personally, I never feel more beautiful than in a pair of heels and with a little lipstick. Still, it can get seriously uncomfortable to wear heels day in and day out, so I always have at least one pair of flats  so that I can switch it up and give the heels a rest. 
Now my only sneakers are literally falling apart ( I´ve had them for a looooong time) so I am on the lookout for new ones. As I am seriously picky when it comes to flat shoes (especially sneakers), that might be easier said than done. Nonetheless here are a few pairs that are on my radar. 

 I really like this cool studded pair from Asos, they almost give my heels a run for their money

 This pair from topshop reminds me of combat boots, I think these would work best with all my dresses and skirts. 
These flatforms from Asos are really cute and would be great for  summer

 I already have a great pair of running shoes, but these from Topshop are pretty cool with the silver stripe on the side.

I really really like this heavily studded pair from Asos, they  might very well become my new pair.

Which ones do you like best? 


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